Taking progesterone pills every two months

by Kristin
(Calgary, Canada)

I'll try to be brief.

My period was always irregular, right from the get-go at age 11, usually very heavy, sometimes I'd get it once every 2 or 3 months, sometimes twice in a month. I went on birth control at 22, and stayed on it successfully for approximately 5 years, until I started having issues with blood pressure and migraines, and went off permanently in June of 2008.

I had relatively normal periods from that point until January of 2009, and then they just stopped. I of course took numerous pregnancy tests, all of which were negative. Went to see a gyno. in June of 2009, had tests done, and he prescribed me progesterone pills. According to him, all I had to do was take 5 of them to induce a period, and I only had to do this once every 2 months. He said my pituitary gland "switched off like a light bulb" and turned back my clock as if I were pre-pubescent again. He said it would not affect my fertility in the future.

The pills worked. I had periods every two months. Until now. In the past, my periods would start pretty much within a day of taking the last pill, or even before finishing, but this time, I took the last pill on Wednesday, and I still haven't started my period yet (Friday evening).

What I want to know is this:

A) Is it normal that I haven't started yet?
B) Is it true that this whole issue will not affect my fertility?

Sorry, it's not as brief as I'd hoped. Thanks for your input.

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