Swelling, sugar cravings, joint ache, fatigue

by Rebecca

Hello, I am looking for some help understanding how to manage symptoms using NatPro cream. I have been using for 3 months to help with peri menopause symptoms and heavy menstrual bleeding. Feeling of swollen tingly feet and sore knees, increases appetite, sugar cravings and fatigue.
I am nervous to increase the dose as I am using one pump in the morning and one in the evening from day 12 to day 24 of my cycle
Where can I find some guidance ?

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Nov 11, 2022
Swelling, sugar cravings, joint ache, fatigue
by: Joy

Hi Rebecca

Please increase to 200mg per day, the 100mg is clearly not helping you. I say per day as you really should be using progesterone every day when in Peri-Menopause (PM) unless you are considering conceiving, in which case use during your luteal phase provided your cycle is regular. Usually 200mg helps with Peri-Menopause.  It really depends on symptoms. One really has to experiment to see what works for your best.  You are also suffering from Estrogen Dominance. Although you have been using Natpro for 3 months, it's clear that progesterone is not yet the dominant hormone. It can take 2-6 months for this to happen, longer if symptoms are severe.

Heaving bleeding however, requires between 400-500mg per day.  Here is a heavy bleeding protocol that may help you, it has helped many:

400-500mg Natpro Progesterone Cream per day
2000mg N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) per day
2000mg Taurine per day
5000iu's Vitamin D3 per day
1000mg Bioflavanoids per day

Once heavy bleeding has improved, reduce the amount slowly to a level that suits you.

Cravings and fatigue could also indicate Insulin Resistance, has this been tested?

Vitamin D3 as explained many times on this website is vital. A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone.

Nov 30, 2022
by: Becky

Thank you for all the valuable information. I am menopausal with a <0.5 progesterone to a 57 estrogen. I also had a vit D test show 28. I started vitamin D today. I have allergy issues that started the last 3 years. I have a history of migraines but learned lately diet keeps them at bay. But there's so much I can't take for inflammation due to migraine and this inflammation pain. I purchased a different brand before I arrived at your site. I have to slather huge amounts to get the 200 mg (I made it to 160 yesterday) but I feel the other ingredients are possibly inflaming me. Migraines but it feelsoew like histamine inflammation with burning in mouth nose and systemically.the lotion helps some so I know progesterone helps. The ingredients are short but still may be bothering me in such large amounts (20 mg per 1/4 tsp). I'd like to have more progesterone per tsp. How many mg does NATPRO have? Thank you for helping so many of us.

Dec 02, 2022
by: Joy

Hi Becky

Thank you for your kind words.

Unfortunately your progesterone:estrogen ratio is way off at 9:1, it should be around 600:1 in order to feel normal again, see here. Your D3 level is extremely low too, it should be between 70-100. Mine is roughly around 125 and I like to maintain it there as that is where I feel at my best. Please keep your Vitamin D3 level optimal at all times. I really am not surprised that you are feeling 'off'.

Diet plays a major part in our health. If our gut is not healthy, neither are we. Eating fermented foods will help greatly. However, Migraines are also a hormonal issue as explained on the page. It also goes into great detail about histamine issues. Try rubbing some of your Natpro at the back of your neck and up the sides of your temples. This should help ease the pain as progesterone is an excellent anti-inflammatory. Inflammation, again fermented foods should help. You will have to work out what works for you and your histamine problems. Excess estrogen increases mast cell histamine secretion, which is initiated by substance P. This is a pro-inflammatory, nociceptive neuropeptide. Even more interesting, progesterone and its metabolites are suppressed by substance P, see here, unless sufficient is used, see here .

As mentioned many times on this website, 20mg progesterone is incorrect. Please read the How to use Progesterone Cream page. Using too little merely aggravates estrogen receptors making matters far worse. Usually between 100-200mg is needed. As you are menopausal it it best to use the cream every day with no breaks at all unless of course you are wanting to conceive.

The Natpro Dispenser delivers 50mg per full pump. You will definitely notice a big difference should you decide to switch.

Take care.

Dec 11, 2022
by: Becky

Thank you so much for responding! I increased to 200 mg and it has helped the burning sensation. You have both made a huge positive impact ok n the lives of so many suffering!! I thank God in heaven for you and Wray. I look forward to getting 50 mg in each pump!!!!

Dec 12, 2022
by: Joy

Hi Becky

Oh how wonderful. Progesterone therapy will never let anyone down if used correctly. The thing to remember is that you have complete control when using it. You can adjust as your body needs it, i.e. if you are stressed or ill, you need to use a little more as stress destroys not only progesterone levels but also vitamin D3 and other vital nutrients. Always refer to the How to use Progesterone Cream page if in doubt.

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