Sudden Smell Sensitivity and Menopause

by Beansprout

Is anyone else noticing a sudden and exaggerated sensitivity to certain smells, bath soaps, air fresheners, perfumes, car exhaust, foods cooking?

I read somewhere that this can be a symptom of menopause. If that's true, how long can I expect this annoying symptom to last before I return to normal and what can I do to treat and manage it? My new Neti Pot and putting a little progesterone in the nose has helped alleviate the dry, stuffy nose I was experiencing. But recently I feel like a bloodhound. And it's annoying. As if certain smells trigger something very close to an allergic-type reaction. Even my husband coming out of the shower. I used to think he smelled amazing. Now one whiff and I'm running for the hills. Immediately my head feels full, my nose becomes congested, my nose hairs burns, it over stimulates me in a way that makes me feel a little anxious.

I would love to hear thoughts and ideas from Wray and anyone else who can shine a little light on this very frustrating topic.


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Aug 12, 2013
Sudden Smell Sensitivity and Menopause
by: Wray

Hi Beansprout Yes it's something I've experienced too, but seems to have worn off. Can't tell you how long it took, too long ago now. Although I am sensitive to smells still. I've not found one paper, and it's not likely it will ever be researched either. It doesn't matter how many women might experience the same, they are all 'anecdotes'! Not until a double blind, cross over, placebo study is done will it be believed, and this is highly unlikely! This aspect annoyed Dr Dalton who wrote about it, saying there comes a time when thousands of anecdotes do add up. I'd be interested to hear if others recount the same. One thing oestrogen also does is increase our susceptibility to allergens. Due to it's excitatory, inflammatory nature. Another thing you could look at are your adrenals. You've been through hectic stress, so the adrenals will be stressed too. Three markers are sensitivity to smells, loud noise and bright light. Do you have the other two? I know I've asked this before, but are your vitamin D levels high enough, as that too causes a susceptibility to allergens if low. Take care Wray

Aug 12, 2013
Sudden sensitivity to smells and menopause
by: Beansprout

Hi Wray - Weird. I was so sure (hoping) there were others out there experiencing the same. I'm really surprised that no one other than you responded.

I do notice that my sensitivity to smells, dry stuffy nose, an "intolerance" to loud noises, bright lights, etc, are most exaggerated about mid-cycle when i've either ovulated or tried to ovulate. These last 14 days prior to bleeding have shown some improvement. Making it more manageable and less bothersome.

Do any of the supplements or combination of supplements on your anxiety page cause any of these strange symptoms?

As for Vitamin D I have not yet been tested by I am taking 5 gel caps containing 2,000mg each of D3 per day.

The Neti pot helps. On my worst days I flush my nasal/sinus cavities every 2-3 hours as needed. I, too, have thought about increased allergies and recently bought my first ever allergy medicine and it gave me quite a bit of relief. The problem being I'm not very willing to take any OTC or prescription drugs. So I keep it around for when my symptoms become intolerable.

About the adrenals. Talk to me more about that. I do feel that I'm beginning to get a handle on things and learning more about this natural transition into menopause and how my body responds to the fluctuating hormones. I've lost nearly 40 lbs since the beginning of June and I'm not even trying. Weight loss is the least of my problems right now. But anyone who says progesterone causes you to gain weight, well, my experience has been just the opposite. I've also noticed that my ankles no longer swell, my rings don't get tight, I don't retain ungodly amounts of fluid around the time of ovulation like it's been for all of my life. My complexion is nearly flawless. I'm sleeping like a baby. I've removed all wheat, sugars, high carb foods from my diet and eat nothing but organically grown whole foods and wild caught fish (no dairy) while being extra careful to include tons and tons of dark leafy greens, get regular daily exercise. What else can I do to restore my adrenal health?

When all of these symptoms hit a crescendo, as they seem to have done with me, is it because I'm close to stopping my periods and how long does the pelting rain and high winds last on average before I travel into the eye of the storm? I've heard 1-2 years. Yikes. The thing is i've been i've experienced perimenopausal symptoms ever since my tubal ligation twelve years ago. I'm just curious to know if I'm at the beginning of the storm, the middle, or toward the end. At your absolute worst when you were going through all of this how long was it before things started to give up and you found a little solace again?

As for GABA, if I divide a 500mg capsule into lower doses and take 125mg at a time how often can I take it? Hourly, every two hours, every four hours. What is your recommendation. Sorry to have typed your ear off.


Aug 13, 2013
Increased senses
by: Kaylana

When I first read this it made me think about how I always knew I was pregnant (or when over the previous three years had sadly miscarried) based on my increased or sudden decrease in sense of smell. Definitely related, I say.

Aug 13, 2013
Increased senses
by: Wray

Hi Kaylana Thanks for the confirmation, I hope others see the query too. Do hope all is going well too. Take care Wray

Aug 13, 2013
Sudden sensitivity to smells and menopause
by: Wray

Hi Beansprout I do hope others respond, at least Kaylana has. If you want to read what she's been through, which is also hectic, please put her name into our search bar. It won't be difficult to find as she's the only Kaylana! Interesting you have those other adrenal stress symptoms, also very interesting they are exaggerated at ovulation. I did give you that info about how progesterone should surge prior to ovulation, but if it doesn't there's nothing to counter the oestrogen surge, hence the worsening of symptoms. I do go on a bit about the evils of oestrogen, yes I know we need it. But only the tiniest amount, not the volume we get now from food, air, water, skin care etc. A good site to look through is Our Stolen Future. Oestrogen is an excitatory, inflammatory, mitogenic, oedema causing hormone. I could throw in many more terms too! It stimulates mast cells which release histamine, see here. It stimulates substance P which is a nociceptive, neuropeptide involved in causing pain and nausea. Substance P is found in all nerves, particularly the endings, see here. Oestrogen stimulates glutamate, our most excitatory neurotransmitter, see here. If glutamate is too high, it allows calcium, an excitatory mineral, to enter the cells. Calcium among many things, causes muscles to contract, so we tense up. It destroys beta-endorphin neurons in the brain, these produce endorphins which promote a feeling of well being and relaxation. And it increases free radicals, see here. It initiates the inflammatory contractions of labour..."On the other hand, uterine contractions, which are evoked under estrogen predominance, have been shown to be mediated by activation of prostanoid synthesis and uterine MC (mast cell) activation." See here, here and here. I could go on! But you can see from the list above why we suffer from mood problems, water retention, pain, tenseness, a higher rate of autoimmune diseases compared to men, subjected to cancers and other diseases where cells proliferate, etc etc. Glad you're taking 10000iu vitamin D but please have a test done. You have been through stress, stress causes inflammation, inflammation lowers vitamin D. Continued below

Aug 13, 2013
Sudden sensitivity to smells and menopause Part 2
by: Wray

Hi Beansprout Another woman I'm trying to help, not successfully either, insisted her vitamin D was good, she sunbathed and she was taking high doses. Finally two months later she gives me her dose, 20,000iu/day which is very good, but her test result which she thought fine, were 70.9nmol/L, she lives in Europe. Converted it's 28.32ng/ml and should be 70 to 100ng/ml. She has a great many things wrong with her, one being endo which is an inflammatory condition. The 20,000iu was not touching sides. Please have that test. No supplement that I know of causes 'allergic' symptoms, but the excipients used could. You're already doing all you can to restore health, particularly eliminating all the foods which convert to glucose, so happy to hear that. Excess glucose is the most damaging substance of all, and stresses the body hugely. It's only a question of time now, and you'll find the adrenals will heal too. If you want to learn more about their health see Adrenal Fatigue. Very costly supplements which can be had much cheaper from other sources. Delighted to hear you've lost weight, that page on our site is the longest! All using far too little progesterone. Delighted to to hear the other problems are resolving. Love your "pelting rain and high winds"! I was 47 when I found progesterone, prior to that I was either going to do myself in, or someone else! I reached Menopause at 51, which is the average age. I hadn't had any procedures like the TL, or been on any drugs at all, although I was offered antidepressants during P-M. I was stressed, but nothing like yours, so progesterone alone saved me. I had experimented with large dose antioxidants from the age of 26, but wasn't taking any during P-M, more's the pity, heaven only knows why! The progesterone took 6 months to finally kick in and all the symptoms I had had gone, including some which I'd attributed to ageing. Your GABA protocol sounds good, but I would only take it twice a day for starters, see how you get on with that. Take care Wray

Aug 15, 2013
Finally, a Little Hope
by: Beansprout

Interesting stuff about the adrenals. I found this page and failed each of the test. Pointing toward possible adrenal fatigue. I say possible because I'm not a doctor. But who could blame my poor body. I've been under enormous emotional stress for the past four years, on top of my perimenopausal symptoms.

I immediately started using 1/8 tsp of sea salt twice daily once in the morning and again in the evening.

I've also been reading a lot about liver and kidney congestion. Being that they are both filtration organs.

I'll keep drinking my Roasted Dandelion Root tea which does a beautiful job of detoxing the liver.

So I started taking a closer look at Spirulina. As a vegetarian it contains an unusually high amount of protein, between 55% and 77% by dry weight. It's also a complete protein, containing all essential amino acids. Rich in essential fatty acids, variety of vitamins, and a good source of minerals. While being a powerful anti-inflammatory helping to diminish allergic rhinitis. Not to mention an amazing effect of regulating blood sugars. Helps detox the liver and sweeps away excess hormones away like a broom. Boosts the immune system. Contains many pigments. On top of helping to alleviate anxiety.

The perfect superfood for adrenal fatigue. This is my third day of taking 1 tsp a daily divided into two equal servings. Whether it is all placebo or not, well, my body is finally breathing a long sigh of relief. Especially, in relation to my ability to breathe a little easier, my feelings of anxiety, my sensitivity to smells, but mostly the almost immediate effect it has had on my blood sugar. My readings have remained steady and consistent. This is so essential to achieving the optimal full body balance that I am after.

I'm using this brand:


Aug 15, 2013
by: Beansprout

P.S. I'm not going to lie. Spirulina tastes like scum from a dirty fish bowl. But I'm not pouring myself a glass to enjoy while sitting down to watch a movie. I'm drinking it for better health. With that in mind, I throw it into my Nutribullet for a couple of seconds and then make a toast to myself before saying, "Bon appetite!" like the little mouse in Rattatouille and chug it down.

Aug 15, 2013
Kaylana - Thank you!
by: Beansprout

Hi Kaylana - I, too, thank you for the confirmation. It's always a good feeling finding out we're not alone or that we haven't gone crazy. My very first pregnancy ended in miscarriage. I'm sorry for anyone who has to go through this kind of loss. Losing a baby in the early weeks of pregnancy or your only son unexpectedly one night just as he's coming into adulthood, well, it's still the loss of a child and what feels like a future stolen far too soon.

I look forward to reading your story.


Aug 17, 2013
Finally, a Little Hope
by: Wray

Hi Beansprout Thanks for all the info and links. Spirulina is a good protein source, but so is fish. Salmon has 25% protein wet weight! It could be you were not eating enough protein, it's certainly the best for stabilising blood glucose. Julia Ross is good on protein, 100g per meal, that's wet weight, i.e. the whole piece of fish or eggs weighs ±100g. Or 0.9g to 1.0g per kg per day lean body mass. This is the dry weight, worked out against how much protein the fish/eggs contain. Take care Wray

Sep 10, 2013
Sensitivity to Odors
by: Elora

Like many of you I thought I was the only woman to suffer from a sudden onset of a sensitivity to odors. I thought I had gone through menopause almost sixteen years ago at the age 40 since my periods had stopped. But now I wonder. I have noticed this overwhelming sensitivity to odors that makes me want to gag. It can be perfume, cigarettes, someone who has smoked marijuana, any odor. It is really bothersome because I get these horrible headaches when I smell an offensive odor and feel like I might vomit. Really awful!

Sep 11, 2013
Sensitivity to Smells
by: Beansprout

Hi Elora, isn't it strange and annoying? I was driving myself and my family nuts. Everything seemed to overstimulate my sense of smell. But when I started reading about how it can sometimes present itself as a symptom of adrenal fatigue I started to realize that I wasn't losing my mind afterall.

What's That Nasty Smell

I did some further research and that's how I discovered Spirulina and the amazing benefits it has on the health of the human body and how it can help adrenal fatigue symptoms.

Spirulina immediately (within just a matter of days) gave me much needed relief along with ridding me of some persistent allergy symptoms. My nose is no longer stuffy, I'm breathing freely at night, throughout the day and that heightened sensitivity to smells has decreased significantly.

The only other thing i did was take 1/8 tsp of sea salt in a glass of water both morning and at night. It, too, is good if you suspect you might have adrenal fatigue.

Since then, everything has improved. My blood sugars are more balanced, my anxiety has lifted, adding spirulina to my daily supplements and my continued and faithful use of progesterone have finally given me my life back.


Sep 17, 2013
Re: Sudden Smell Sensitivity and Menopause
by: Jenna

Hi Beansprout!
I found your post because I was searching for spirulina. I'm a vegetarian always on the hunt for more protein. Any time I think of trying something new, I search here first. The last thing I want to do is screw up my hormones any more.
In any case, I want to chime in on the smell sensitivity. I've noticed throughout the years that I get this with pms and sometimes mid-cycle. Since I've been charting things, I think it comes with high estrogen levels. My family knows now to tread lightly when I'm "on high smell" (that's what they call it). I have a husband, a teenage son, two cats and a dog so you can imagine that being "on high smell" is just about unbearable.
Thanks for the spirulina recommendation. I'm going to try it right away. As far as sea salt goes, any particular brand?

Sep 18, 2013
Sea Salt
by: Beansprout

Hi Jenna, yes, a persistent stuffy nose and congestion can be directly related to higher estrogen, however, my particular symptoms weren't consistent with any one point in the month. But rather a constant swollen nasal membrane feeling. Like I literally could not breath through my nose and, I'm not a mouth breather, so that in itself added to my feelings of anxiety. Certain smells, the wind blowing through an open window, an overhead ceiling fan made it worse. I was really that sensitive 24/7 with no let up. Even rubbing progesterone on the outer part of my nose and sinuses or rubbing it directly up into each nostril gave me only minimal relief. It was horrible. From whatever angle you want to look at it I believe spirulina can provide relief. Especially, by its ability to help remove stored estrogen in the liver and how it can help. minimize and eliminate allergy symptoms. That was another problem. I was also developing sudden sensitivities to certain foods that I had safely eaten my entire life. All of which have now disappeared as I return to normal and slowly reintroduce myself to them to test my tolerance. I, too, am a vegetarian, well, more precisely a pescatarian because I still eat organic farm fresh eggs and wild caught fish. As for the sea salt, I honestly don't know if it matters much or not. I buy all of my food at good, reputable organic stores. You'll find it comes in fine, coarse, extra-coarse and I have found that fine granules go down the hatch faster and smoother. Good luck!


Sep 22, 2013
Re: Sudden Smell Sensitivity and Menopause
by: Wray

Hi Jenna I just had to comment on your phrase 'on high smell', brilliant! It's interesting you have found it worsens when oestrogen peaks, which it does just prior to ovulation and mid-luteal phase. Then the withdrawal of progesterone just prior to bleeding, leaves oestrogen dominant. I haven't found a study which connects high oestrogen to adrenal stress, I wouldn't be surprised if they did. But three of the symptoms of adrenal stress are being ultra sensitive to odours, light and sound. Have you at all experienced the other two symptoms at the same time? I'd be interested to know. Take care Wray

Oct 01, 2013
decreased sense of smell
by: halfsmell

What happened to me is the opposite and it's really worrying me! I've just begun my fourth cycle on prog. cream, have been using it post ovulation (I'm 27, started to use it to see if it would help with estrogen dominance symptoms). I didn't notice any effect (except my breasts filling out a bit and agining a little weight) so I increased the dose last month. The day before menstruation and after beginning, my nose has stopped to function as usual. It's like it only detects half of the smells. I have a perfume I love that smells mostly of roses and a bit of lemon - well, the roses are gone. Another one seems horrible and chemical and I used to think it smelled wonderful and spicy. None of my perfumes smell the same! Not just on me, so it's not skin chemistry. It's now day 6 of this cycle, I sincerely hope, this isn't permanent :( Perhaps the dose was too much, as I had hot flushes at the beginning of period and I usually rarely get them. Has anyone else had similar experience?

Nov 23, 2013
Hypersensitive to smells

My problem started right before I turned 50.I'm 53 now and I have headaches, asthma, sore throat, burning eyes, fainting feeling and panic attaches. I feel fine as long as I'm not around any products with perfumes, cologne, air freshner's and strong cleaning products. I wear a mask and I work in a room by my self on my job. I'm truly greatful to my company. I'm weary about every place I go. I go to the movies when the theater is almost empty. I feel very lonely because people don't understand. Even if I attend religious services, I set in a back room by my self. Most of the time, I call in and listen, I've been tested and only 2 doctors in my area treat people like me. There is nothing except avoidance of the products that helps me.

Nov 29, 2013
Hypersensitive to smells
by: Wray

Hi there You are now either still in Peri-menopause or have entered Menopause. Progesterone levels have been dropping since about age 35, making oestrogen the dominant hormone. Oestrogen can sensitise us to chemicals, please consider using a progesterone cream. There’s more info on our page How to use progesterone cream. And please have a Vitamin D test done. A lack of this can causes allergies to occur. Take care Wray

Dec 06, 2013
"Living in a Bubble"
by: Maggie

Hi my name is Maggie [from the United Kingdom] and following Pneumonia in 2011 I became acutely sensitised to All man-made chemicals in the environment, foods, liquids and Pharmaceuticals.

My sense of smell is way beyond normal!

My Husband, Jim is an Engineer and he has been filtering my breathing air indoors through HEPA and Carbon and I have to wear a highly specified gas mask outdoors to survive.

I am diagnosed with Mast Cells Instability which comes as Very Brittle Asthma.

I too feel very isolated my world has shrunk so much these last three years.

I am also registered as a Blind person and I find my condition/ sense of smell frightening at times.

"Isolated" really you and I are not alone afterall in wearing a mask, there are now two of us!

Bye for now, Maggie.

Jan 05, 2014
I also have sensitivity to smells
by: Jill

Its been awhile since you started this topic Beansprout, but I have to mention that I've had problems with increased sensitivity to smells as well. It can be a problem at work when I help people in the Library. Some come in wearing very heavy perfume or cologne and I can barely stand it when I help them.

I get an almost immediate headache, feel light-headed like I'm going to pass out, anxious and nauseous.

Its not all perfumes or colognes for me though- some I can handle just fine. Some I can handle when its a light scent but not if its heavier. Must be a chemical in some that I just can't handle.

I used to love smelling candles or going into Bath and Body to smell all the scents. Not possible now! And forget going down the laundry detergent aisle at the store. Whew. I can't go down that aisle at all. My hubby has to go in and get what I need.

THis is definitely not something that ever bothered me in the past.

Getting older can be no fun sometimes! lol

Jan 05, 2014
Perfumes and cats
by: Kaylana

Hi all,
I've been experimenting over the past couple months with my sense of smell and progesterone use.

My sense of smell is definitely heightened when my estrogen is higher. I recently got a cat. I was the only one who noticed the litter box smells in the house. But on days when I use the cream I don't smell a thing.

My husband used to make perfumes. It was during the time when I had a series of terrible illnesses all connected with estrogen dominance. I nearly destroyed his hobby because so many of the artificial chemicals hurt my head so badly! He'd always ask me, "This one?" before opening and mixing or trying a tester.

Here's another thought for the woman who posted earlier about sensitivity after pneumonia. When I suffered from carbon monoxide poisoning, I remember rubbing progesterone cream on my chest. It helped with the breathing from what I recall. The repairmen all said that I was crazy for thinking that I could 'smell' the carbon monoxide. I'll have to go back and look at my notes to see what I did for it.

Cheers to all!

Jan 06, 2014
Progesterone Roles.
by: James.

Progesterone relaxes the smoothe muscles of the Uterus during pregnancy and at the same time modulates the immune system to reduce the risk of miscarraige. Progesterone levels rise throughout pregnancy and give a Woman her certain 'Glow'. Progesterone levels drop away steeply just before the Babys' birth prompting the arrival of labour.

Progesterone relaxes the smoothe muscles of the lungs helping you to breathe easier. [Good tip about the progesterone cream].

Progesterone also has an important role to play in the regulation of the tight junctions of the Blood Brain Barrier. The ratio between Oestrogen and Progesterone must be right for these gateways to the brain to function properly.

As a Woman progresses through menopause progesterone levels dip progressively leading to a weakening of the BBB. This weakening allows more Oestrogen to enter the Central Nervous System where it will 'lock' to receptor sites at the Olfactory Bulb thus increasing your sense of smell and altering your taste; sometimes markedly.

This is a reversible process provided you can reduce the Oestrogenic input by a] Using progesterone supplementation and b] taking steps to perhaps reduce adipose tissue [which also supplies Oestrogen to the bloodstream. You may wish to consider combining a Good Quality Citrus Bioflavonoid Complex Supplement with the Progesterone Supplementation to rebalance your Hormones and reduce Adipose. A potentially virtuous circle.

The Citrus Complex contains Natural Aromatase Inhibitors and will help [given time] to reduce the formation of Oestrogen. Take the specified daily number of capsules morning and evening atleast 15 minutes before food and wash down with a glass of water.

Another way to reduce Oestrogen is to watch your diet carefully and avoid Processed foods as much as possible as these contain Chemicals that Mimic Oestrogen. These chemicals are the reason why so many Westerners are overweight [and this includes Men too].

Hope this information helps you a little to overcome your Increased sense of smell and altered taste.

Kind Regards, James [Maggies' Husband].

Feb 26, 2014
glad to find I am not the only one
by: K

I am glad I found this. I am perimenopausal and have been for about 4 years. I just turned 40. Each of my two pregnancies I experienced sensitivity to the smell of garlic and coffee, and the taste of mint. I have recently had an onset of hot flashes, and now sensitivity to garlic and coffee again. I started wondering if I was pregnant again, but since my husband had a vasectomy nearly two years ago, and given my condition, it seems extremely unlikely. Finding that the smell sensitivity could be due to menopause is making me feel better. Because as much as menopause is not too pleasant, I certainly do not want to be pregnant again.

Mar 25, 2014
Sudden sensitivity to smells
by: Anonymous

I am a 50-year-old-female just entering menopause & recently diagnosed with N.M.O. a autoimmune condition similar to M.S. and suddenly my oversensitivity to smells is crazy! I know another autoimmune condition, Sjogren's Syndrome, can cause sudden over sensitivity to smells but this is nuts! I am disabled from a paralyzing relapse with this disease that I have, & was also tested for Sjogren's Syndrome but was negative, & I've always been sensitive to cheap paint, but now everything seems to affect me: from most household detergents, & even body lotions & strong perfume! I could tolerate these scents before now but it seems not any more. Everything just goes straight to my tastebuds-regardless of the source, & it all tastes so horrible! Glad I'm not the only one dealing with this & it's not all in my head!. I'm going to buy masks tomorrow, which one should be wearing for household chores anyway! Good-Luck!

May 01, 2014
Smells & Zoning Out
by: Bookie

I've been suffering from extreme smells, bad enough that I have to hold my nose ( most happen at night while I'm sleeping and wake me up). I also have periods of "zoning out" where I don't see or hear anything. These last for a few seconds then I come back to myself. I'm not aware of them when they happen, my hubby tells me about them. This has been going on for a couple of years now. I'm 63. After the smells, I get headaches. Anyone got any ideas?

May 14, 2014
Smell sensitivity
by: Audrey

Over the last few days I have noticed a lot of symptoms of perimenopause worsening.I have had smell sensitivity with feelings of nausea. The one that gets to me most is the "new car smell" in my husband's car. I can't even ride in it. Seems like it would reasonably be a symptom of perimenopause with hormone fluctuations as I experienced the same thing during pregnancy many years ago.

May 17, 2014
CO sensitivity
by: Kaylana

Hi Everyone,
A couple of years ago I was exposed to Carbon Monoxide in our home. My children and I nearly died from it.

I experienced reoccurring symptoms again this spring. Here's what I noticed. Right before my cycle starts (when estrogen levels are high)and when I'm anemic, I have terrible allergies. Twice now, when visiting friends who had the gas heat running and a window open (creating a back draft) I experienced severe breathing problems all connected with the carbon monoxide exposure. This year, after three nights of no sleep, I finally went to the emergency room where they treated me with oxygen.

One thing is for sure, the smells of everything made me sick! Even the oxygen mask smelled! I was pushing things away from me because I was so ill from their smells.

I was mad when after asking twice for my iron levels to be tested, I was told, "We don't test iron levels in the emergency room."

There is definitely a connection between hormone levels, and the amount of oxygen that enters the blood stream and a sense of smell.

Jun 05, 2014
that smell! my family thinks I'm crazy!
by: wth_wife

Finally! There's others?!
Uncertain as to how old this subject is..but I've just emptied the fridge of EVERYTHING because it ALL smelled like feta cheeses! My entire home.. Thing is, no one else smells it!
I'm 37.. Partial hysterectomy at 24.. within the past 3 years, I've lost my gall bladder and thyroid and diagnosed with fibromyalgia.. I feel the fibro is incorrect. I see a rheumatologist the end of the month and..(the kicker..) a psychiatrist next week.. I feel crazy! The smells, the noises, the lights, anxiety, etc..
Question is: have any of you ever had the saliva testing done? I've requested it before but was looked at "funny".. Any suggestions? Answers?
So glad I'm not alone!
(Please forgive the errors..typing on a phone!)

Jun 30, 2014
Thought I was alone
by: I'm cold I'm hot what's that smell?

I have been perimenopausal for three years (I am 50). My sense of smell has heightened extremely. Normally my allergies buffer smells. Now, what I smell is annoying. It doesn't make me sick. It just makes me wonder, "what the heck was that?" I can actually smell mice nests (I work in an office with drop ceilings), decomposing anything, women nearby who are menstruating and more.

I have not found anything about this heightened sense until now. I eat well balanced meals. Exercise. Drink plenty of water. Take a multi-vitamin. Get plenty of rest.

I have been told that this too will pass. I wish it would pick up speed and zoom by.

Thanks for starting the conversation.

Oct 12, 2014
Strong sense of smell
by: Anonymous

How do I now those people are not here to advertise things?
I am not premenopausal nor pregnant; all of a sudden I smell strong odors that are too strong my nasal septum feels burn.

Nov 06, 2014
Smell sensitivity and menopause
by: Anonymous

I jsut decided to google this and found this conversation. I definitely have a heightened sense of smell since going into surgical menopause after a complete hysterectomy (including removal of ovaries) last year. Taste too to some degree, but I think that is a byproduct of the sense of smell. I had to throw away a nearly new stick of deoderant because the odor, which I used to find pleasant, was making me sick. Just today I noticed an odor in my office of something burning. No one else seems to be offended by it. I suspect it's burnt popcorn or the like, but the caf/microwaves are nowhere near my office, so not sure how I would notice that. Anyway I know this is not an active conversation, but thought I'd add my anecdotal evidence. Entering menopause through surgery vs naturally/gradually makes these kinds of changes very clear.

Nov 14, 2014
So true, increased smell sensitivity
by: shelnut

I am peri-menopausal and wake 3-6 times each night to deal hot flashes. A couple of nights ago I made a batch of liver treats for my dog, knowing full well they would stink up the house. Turns out they did not smell as bad as I thought they would, but... that night when I woke up for my first hot flash, the smell was so overwelhming that I though it would be impossible to go back to sleep. About 10 minutes later, after the hot flash passed, the smell was barely noticable. The same sensation happened with the next several hot flashes.

Nov 29, 2014
unexplained nausea
by: A

Wow! I am so overcome by everyone's stories that I shed a few tears.My problem is quite minor really. A few weeks ago I started getting feelings of nausea for no reason and was sick a couple of times. I have to stop what I'm doing and breath deeply through my nose until it passes. Then two evenings ago a bus passed me, the smell was so overpowering I thought I would be sick in the street. Then yesterday the smell of the chemicals used by the cleaners had the same effect.I am so afraid of being sick in front of the children I work with.I am 53, do not know where I am as regards the menopause because I take the pill without a break.
The reaction to the smells reminded me of being pregnant, I was so freaked out I took a test!

Dec 09, 2014
Keep coming back to your website
by: Anonymous

My anxiety was out of control. I took progesterone and I did feel better. Because I felt better, I eventually stopped taking progesterone (I was using suppositories-if I took it orally, it did not seem to work as I experienced spotting). This summer, my vitamin d level came out low. I was told many people had low levels and to take vitamins. I have not been consistent with my vitamin intake, but I did not think this was a big deal. In recent weeks, my sense of smell is driving me bats. I smell things others don't and the odors linger in my nose. A search of my symptoms brought me to your website...again. Will progesterone help my sense of smell get back in line? How do I know how much I should take? I do not want any other problems/ stress level is already too high.

Dec 13, 2014
Keep coming back to your website
by: Wray

Hi there I cannot say if progesterone will help you. I take it you've read the comments made by other women on this page? If your Vitamin D is low please get it up high, as a lack of vitamin D reduces the benefits of progesterone. Oral progesterone is the least effective Delivery system, "The liver and gut region removed a mean of 96 per cent of the progesterone entering these tissues", see here. We do have a few pages you could look through, see Anxiety, Peri-menopause, Menopause and Stress. Take care Wray

Dec 24, 2014
cant handle odours
by: Anonymous

I am 43 yrs old and have developed a SERIOUS problem to certain smells like food in a microwave, cuppa soup and especially dogs bedding and loud or continuous noise. This only started when tests confirmed i started early menopause, and its just getting worse by the day!

Jan 19, 2015
by: Beansprout

Hi everyone. It's Beansprout. It's been a while. I remember typing the question above about sensitivity to smells, noises, etc. I've traveled a long, hard road. I was feeling so discouraged at this point in my life, almost a feeling of being alone, perhaps the only one who was suffering extreme and unexplainable symptoms. Now over a year and a half later I've transitioned into a much calmer, relaxed individual who has a greater knowing of myself. Will the madness, the inner chaos lessen and eventually disappear? Yes. I'm here to say that if you just stay consistent and stay the course your mind, body, spirit will find its balance again. The spirulina changed my life. As did inositol. I also continue to take gaba every single day as well as 100-200 mg of progesterone and 5,000 IU of Vitamin D. But the big page turner for me was the advice from Wray to eliminate wheat and other high-estrogen foods from my diet and to incorporate tons of leafy greens. I'm not going to lie. It wasn't the easiest thing in the world to do but the rewards were so worth it. I honestly can't say how or when. Just one day my body relaxed and calmed. My husband was once again smelling amazing when he stepped out of the shower and my tolerance to other smells were suddenly improving. I don't think there's a one-size fits all approach. Each of us are different and we have to take the time to decode our own physical map to health and well-being. Thank you, Wray. And thank you to all who have read and given their support or shared their own story. Having this forum to turn to has been lifesaving. I have been blessed by all of you.

Jan 20, 2015
by: Wray

Hi Beansprout Well you have brought tears to my eyes, bless you for those thanks. But I wish I took my own advice! As you say we're all so different. Wheat causes me to retain water so I blow up, sometimes 2-3 kgs extra, and I'm forever trying to clear mucus from my lungs. It makes me remarkably tired too, and upsets my blood sugar so much it takes days to get back on track again. So all the Christmas celebrations have not done any good at all! I do hope others will take courage from your journey back to health, it's not easy but so worth it in the end. Many blessings, take care Wray

Feb 06, 2015
Sensitivity to smells
by: Alma

Am so glad to find that am not the only one with that problem. Just like wth_wife I was diagnose with a thyroid problem and fibromyalgia and are extremely sensitive to smells, perfumes, garlic, onions, chemicals, spices strong odors, etc. my husband had enough of me, I think at times he wishes I would go away. The odors many times make me so sick I get very sick and people tell me is all in my head, just like the fibromyalgia, even though I have all the symptoms and more, and confirmed by three doctors. I am also very sensitive to medications, I get every side effect. I am 48 in premenopausal and I am wondering if all this is related to tat and the fibro and the thyroid issue. I will try some of the advices here and see if it works for me. It feels good to know am not alone. Thank you.

Apr 13, 2015
Smells, Tastes Bad, & Leads to Me Blurting Out Hurtful Words
by: WonderWoman

I'm so glad I found this blog! Lately, I have been saying "I'm sorry" to my partner for things I do or say. Things that I feel I cannot control. Lost in Menopause Land, all symptoms a go, from blanking out to hot flashes & the newest...A sense of smell like a Bionic Dog (Truth = a Bionic Bitch).
Smells become nauseating & I push a kiss away for fear of throwing up. The taste of red wine, an after dinner cigarette combined, repulses me & how does one say, "Honey, go brush your teeth before I vomit! The odor emitting from your mouth is almost as bad as the taste of your tongue!"?
All the while my lover is asking for my lips & repeatedly telling me how much my sexy lips are loved, wanted, adored & goes in for another kiss. Panic, anxiety & the lingering taste repulses me into blurting out "Stop repeating yourself, you already said that!" I am instantly mortified but have lost all ability to communicate because I am flashing, sweating, & smelling vileness. I must jump up from the couch & breathe freshness except the air is filled with the sacred smoke of burned incense & therefore I become heady. And not in a good way. My head is spinning around, twirling to what I am sure will lead to me fainting. I fall back onto the couch only to be greeted with.."You are so insensitive! I will NEVER again tell you that I want your lips!" All I can muster up to say is "K".
What used to be sexy to me, a turn on, or even cute, has now become issues I must find a creative way to fix. Because of course, I cannot just bring this up in conversation. It's too embarrassing, too real, I may hurt my love's feelings & once spoken, you can't take the words back! I now realize after reading this blog, I am going to have to find a kinder, gentler way to take the blame, or try to explain,because there is no denying or hiding The Honesty of Menopause! I will sweat, blank out, hold my nose, be anxiety ridden, wake up in the middle of the out words to be misconstrued, gain weight, hurt, itch, be dry in places & soaked in others...just like you, my Flashing Sistah ...& I will sing it loud & proud...I am Woman Hear Me Roar!
And 4 my love, I will whisper I Love U ♡ I'm sorry

Apr 17, 2015
like a drug dog since menopause
by: Kathleen

Hi Everyone,

I was searching tonight by typing in the words "Since I went through menopause my husband smells terrible to me." and this came up, and I read through everything. I can't even be in the same car with him anymore; he smells like old, ripe, fetid cheese and three-day-old chinese food left in a hot car. Seriously--I feel like I'm going to have to get a divorce if I can't either discuss this with him seriously (I've brought it up in a sensitive way, I thought, but he just reacted angrily about how ridiculous my nose is).

I don't know what my point is--just that yes, it's real, and I had the same smell sensitivity with all three pregnancies. But menopause? It's been over for three years, and I still get hot flashes all day, every day--I'll be frozen solid, shivering in my down coat indoors, and I feel it coming on--the hot flash. Within seconds I've stripped down to shorts and a tank top, and I still sweat so profusely that it literally drips off me. Between feeling ill already--lost my health and was diagnosed with CFS 10 years ago (and yes, I've been screened for every other condition on the planet, including Lyme and Valley Fever, and was treated for Lyme, though the test was negative)--living with a husband who smells like a gross fart, and sweating/shivering my days away, I feel I'll go mad. It doesn't help that my adult kids now smell too, though one of them, my oldest, actually smells good to me. Still, you never have to tell me who's in the room if my back is turned. Everyone smells foul, but while my love for my kids conquers the disgust at the smell, nothing about my marriage makes it easier to bear.

Is anyone else considering divorce over a life of the gag reflex?

Thanks everyone.

May 12, 2015
Perimenopause at 30
by: lila

I'm a 30 year old with damaged ovaries from chemotherapy a few years ago, the doctors told me that everything will get back to normal "eventually" but I'm constantly getting new problems with my cycle. The latest is hypersensitivity to smells, garlic and onion especially. I love garlic and never understood the big deal about "garlic breath." It always smelled delicious to me. But the past few days (about four days into my cycle), the smell of garlic has been making me nauseous. It smells like something rotting.

Besides that, my cycles range anywhere from 17 to 28 days, usually around the shorter end of that range. A few months ago I started getting sick every cycle right before it began. Fever/flu sick two months, food poisoning-like diarrhea with a fever the next month. The next few months I felt the warning dry soreness that precedes a cold right around when my period was about to start and megadosed on vitamin C and it didn't develop into anything worse.

I'm used to the depression and grouchyness that heralds my periods, but now I have to worry about getting sick every three weeks and not knowing what food will make me nauseous, too? Oh, and the hot flashes that keep me from sleeping right before my period starts. And the constant lack of sex drive.

I've been thinking of trying progesterone cream, but since I don't know which way my hormones are imbalanced (and I can't find a doctor that will bother testing), I'm worried that it'll just exacerbate issues. I'm very thin, so probably no overproduction of estrogen from my adipose tissue, but who knows what my crazy damaged ovaries are putting out.

It's really frustrating to be experiencing perimenopause at 30. I'd rather be menopausal now than deal with ten or twenty years of not knowing what new and exciting symptoms my cycle's going to bring next month.

Jun 05, 2015
Alone in this myself
by: NeeNee

I'm a single 57 yr. old and live alone. I work in a building where the young girls get their kicks out of spraying perfume because they don't believe it makes me sick. I am now on an EpiPen for the severe breathing attacks I get along with Prednisone, Albuterol and Anti Anxiety meds for the anxiety attacks. for you women who have men that don't understand, have them read these pages. If they laugh at that and say we are all crazy then every time something makes you very Ill then ask him if he would like a dose exlax because he is full of it then he may know what it feel to be in pain and misery costantly. If he has allergies then bring it on and let him have a regular dose of that suffering. If you have never been sick then everyone else that claims to be sick is just crazy to them unless they are educated, loving, and patient. Understanding and education is the only way to get others to understand and if they still remain unchanged then maybe we are better off being alone. May be you can start a support group in you area to make new friends that you have something in common with. My friends are great, they will unplug their air freshener's and not wear a lot of perfume when they want to spend time with me. I love and respect them no end for that. Without them I don't know where I would be or how I would feel. the people I work with are cruel and not human in my eyes at this time. The other day I was having an Anaphylaxis attack at work and was telling my supervisor about it in an upset tone and another supervisor butted in to lecture me about how I should talk. he had absolutely no concern that I could stop breathing, or my heart could stop and at the time was coughing so much and so hard uncontrollably that I though my head was going to explode. What is this person? Really? And a supervisor! Yes I use a small letter and not a capital because to me they are the smallest thing in the world. I told him I was being assaulted by someone spraying perfume in my area but he still ignored it. I just started shaking all over and walked away and went to urgent care. I work for County Government and their red tape forces you to suffer while they try to make some kind of decision as to what they will do with me. Hopefully I won't drop dead in the office before they can do this. Maybe that is what they are hoping for and that will solve their problem. By the way, it has been two and a half years I have been battling this In the work place. The only people who have any rights are people that are healthy except the one guy in a wheal chair. He gets to sit in it at his desk and have it adjusted for his height. Wow!

Jul 12, 2015
Sensitivity to Smells and an Answer
by: Miss Diagnosed

I am in menopause and use bio identical hormones.
I had sudden onset of severe intrinsic asthma, so they say. Two months of massive medications including Prednisone. It wasn't working so Drs. decided I had anxiety so dosed me up. Still not getting rid of the symptoms. The smells really set off the "asthma". Waited two months to get in to National Jewish Hospital in Denver. Saw them last week. I do not have asthma. Mis-diagnosed and on meds I never needed to be on and having a very hard time with Prednisone and getting off. I have "VCD". National Jewish discovered it in 1981. It is not well known. It is Vocal Cord Dysfunction. Seems like asthma but is not. Strong odors, gerd and stress and anxiety set it off. Vocals close when they should open. Speech/Breathing Therapy fixes it

Jul 15, 2015
NeeNees office
by: Anonymous

Check on American with Disabilities Act if you are in US> Depending on how the fragrances affect you (asthma, migraine, etc) you may be able to get a letter from your Doctor and get an ADA accommodation. This should stop the problems in your office though my experience was that trying to get people to adhere to it took more time than doing my work so I finally quit. Worth a try though if you are in the USA

Sep 05, 2015
60 yrs old
by: Anonymous

I too have been running around cleaning my house and looking for that burning smell. I too have been introduced to menopause surgically 15 years ago. I have noticed for that last few weeks how I felted overwhelmed by smells that I couldn't locate their origin. No one seems to smell anything except for me. The burning of the nose, dry throat and constantly clearing my throat. I spent so much time trying to figure out the origin of the smell. I am taking Prilosec thinking it could be acid reflux? Thanks so much. Now I know that it is related to menopause. Just have to figure out how to deal with it.

Sep 05, 2015
60 year old anonymous
by: Miss Diagnosed

Read my post above yours. You really need to see an immunologist to check for VCD and GI for reflux, which also affects VCD and throat clearing. There are smell receptors on the vocal cords that get heightened and you can smell things others can't and some odors are overwhelmingly strong. Soon the vocal cords will malfunction and start to want to close all the time. Then drs. Will Think You HAVE ASTHMA Because You Cannot breathe. Get checked, don't go through what I had to.

Sep 06, 2015
Hightened sence of smell
by: twink

HI i am aged 48 , female. I was tested for being premenopausal aprox 5 yrs ago and i was not going through it at the time. according to my gp.
However now i am experiencing hot sweats. night sweats , low mood. and one strange one. increased sence of smell.
I can smell things that others cant.
the other day i was in my lounge and i could smell like a heat smell. not burning. i discoverd that my daughter had a gas ring burner on .
Unfortunatly i can smell bad smell all of the time. sweat. smelly feet. musty smells etc. when no one else can smell them.
i have just put talcum powder on my bed as i think it smells bad. i have asked my family if the matress smells . all say no.
I wonder how long this is going to last. Is there any thing that i can do to aleviate these symptoms
I also feel nausea s alot of the time.

I did come across one person who said vitamin D can be low in menapausal women.
I do have a vit D deficiency. and havent been taking my meds. so i plan to start again religiously from now on.
Frankly i will try anything.

Oct 22, 2015
me too
by: MRK2015

About 4 months ago I started to find smells were getting stronger. It was only the other day when I said to one colleague who uses Olbas oil for her sinusitis did she spill it on her desk because it was that strong I could taste it, that my other colleague said do you remember when I could 'taste' smells and then the penny dropped! She had loads of tests and the Drs never found a cause, but we all had to be careful about not putting on too much perfume etc. I have just started on HRT as I am premenopausal, and my colleague had just come off her HRT, so it appears to be hormone related.
I haven't got that bad yet but some smells are just soo strong and of course its all the nasty ones that come out more...wouldn't mind so much if it was say flowers!!

Oct 24, 2015
sense of smell
by: Anonymous

I have always had a great nose when ovulating, but now at almost 46 I am on my period and experiencing my first extremely exaggerated sense of smell and I run a dog rescue...UGH...I can also smell myself and I am very self-conscious about it...looking around to see if others can smell my shirt or even my menstrual pad (sorry)...I am always hot but get cold on my period to the point of shivers. My allergies are awful and I am getting headaches...I have used progesterone cream in the past but felt some of my symptoms became worse so I stopped...initially it really helped my mood. I have huge fibroids and they feel like they double in size for 7-10 days before my period. I have no bladder control and I can barely eat because of the constant FULL pregnant feeling...I feel miserable. Adrenal fatigue is likely, have been low on vitamin d...definitely going to try spirulina....

Nov 14, 2015
axe cologne
by: Michelle

axe cologne bothers me too. I through my husbands out. I actually thought it was the Axe gone

Nov 22, 2015
sudden smell sensitivity and menopause
by: Mimi

I am post menopause and I have asthma aerosols, strong perfumes,and smells almost kills me they cut my breath off quickly. It is so scary and frustrating.

Jan 06, 2016
Sensitive to smells
by: Glenda

I've always had good sniffer but lately it is super sensitive. Not a good thing when trying to eat meals. I had a complete hysterectomy 2 years ago and have not experienced the menopause systems yet. So I'm curious to know if menopause is the cause of this (I hope) temporary situation I find myself in.

Jan 09, 2016
Menopause symptoms age 51
by: Mel

I googled smell sensitivity today because my house seems filled with awful smells and wondered about hormonal imbalance. I can smell everything! Even things that should have no scent. My grand daughters are 8 (stinky feet time) and took their shoes off when they got out of school. OMG I thought I was going to pass out from the smell. I even got some perfume and sneaked a spritz on their feet as they lay close to me watching a movie. Yes, that was lovely, smelly feet plus strong perfume. Last month I was having a lot of congestion, but wasn't sick. My 1 1/2 year old grandson got pneumonia and we had to give breathing treatments. I got a few whiffs a couple times while giving it to him and my congestion went away! He is well thank goodness. This past week has been rough and in my "madness" I didn't connect it with menopause. I thought my stress just built up to a boiling point and was overflowing like a volcano. I've been super cranky, working hard to bite my tongue and sometimes letting my shouts and written opinions on facebook fly out (then immediately feeling bad for that) and having extra night sweats, waking every couple hours or less, hot cold hot cold. Yesterday I noticed my daytime hot flashes (dripping sweat) were increased more than usual and I've been crying for 3 days. It finally dawned on me I must be having a flood of hormones and it wasn't the fault of the world gone crazy (haha). I should have known, it's not my first time. Loud noises, especially my family's voices (I love them more than life itself) cause me intense physical pain. I noticed lights seem brighter and annoying. I thought my new laptop was just brighter than my other one, and even my new candle flame seemed like the sun! I blank out sometimes and thought my brain was failing me, even stuttering at times and certainly forgetting words. Heater--that warming thing. I take no medications except ibuprofen or sinus medicine if I need it. This week, I've felt like my head is going to explode and I'm hearing my heartbeat when there are loud noises. I know my bp must be high. I loudly say (yell) "quiet down" and then feel almost paralyzed for a bit. I thought maybe I'm finally losing my mind, where are my keys and the nearest cliff? I resist that urge, so don't worry. Thanks for this page, I know it is my hormones raging. I suppose rise and fall is better than constant. I am not a fan of doctors, I get extreme anxiety just thinking about going. I used to go years ago but now I fear and dislike them for some reason. Don't make me go unless my arm is dangling by a thread and I can't sew it back on myself. haha I feel a big relief reading everyone's comments, I can relate to all. So thank you again! May we all stay calm and carry on. May our families (and we) survive our temporary craziness! May this not last as long as my mother says. Hugs to all!

Jan 19, 2016
Sensitivity to smells.... OH YEAH!
by: Anonymous

I can barely.... or want to leave my home.

Walking past different smells in a grocery store.... can send me into 'dry heaves'.... such as the produce dept.

Recently went to check my mail box, in a PUBLIC Post Office... and walked by someone... who perhaps (forgot) to shower in the morning?.... and WHAM! ~ my Gag Reflex.... went NUTS!... People looking at me like...(????)..!!!!

I'm sorry.... but I can no longer walk past public washrooms.... for fear I may ...not be able to sensitivity to such (shall we say...daily aromas).... and just make a spectacle of myself by ....(you know).... unlady like!!!..... (so I am pretty much staying close to home!.... (I feel like I'm going down NUTS-ville lane!)... so glad I came across your thread.... regarding this!.... (I am not alone!)....

Feb 04, 2016
Sudden Smell Sensitivity and Menopause
by: Liz

My hormones have always played a part in causing me a sensitivity to smells. During pregnancy there were certain smells that would set me off. Now at age 55 and about 18 months into menopause, I can not get this horrible, faint smell of stale cigarettes out of my nose. I ask others if they can smell it and no one can. It has been driving me crazy and I only, a few days ago contributed it to hormones. The other thing is, I keep smelling a mix between Mexican spices and sweat. First I thought it was everyone else, then I thought it was me, but know I am convinced it is my hormones as well. Those certain smells only started happening after menopause. It is really driving me crazy!

Feb 10, 2016
Menopause pains
by: Julia

Hello there! Just joining this discussion regarding menopause and inflammation. I was surgically induced into menopause after a full hysterectomy in October of 2015. I am so relieved to read of others suffering with the same symptoms of sudden nasal congestion and sinus pressure with the onset of my lovely hot flashes. I thought I was losing my mind! The horrible feeling of suffocation creeps in and makes me feel borderline panicky. The feeling of not being able to take in enough air is quite tormenting. I find popping a menthol cough drop in my mouth letting the vapors bring slight relief along with using a menthol nasal inhaler. Thank you for this discussion.

Feb 10, 2016
Stale cigarettes
by: Michelle

Liz. I to smell the stale cigarettes all the time Nobody around me smokes nobody in my house smokes And I don't smoke. I also smell the Mexican spices mixed with sweat as a matter of fact yesterday was so bad I thought the girl sitting next to me had eaten Mexican when I went home I still smelled it and realized it was me. I had a small problem from October to December then it went away in January and just came back last week The problem from October December was a burnt smell all the time now I've got the stale cigarette Mexican spice sweat smell Lol. I wonder what is next. Oh and I googled this for days, I can't find anything else that explains why my sense of smell is whacked out. I hope this does not last forever. I'm just glad I found this page I really felt like I was losing my mind

Apr 24, 2016
Mexican spice, sweat smell!!
by: Sad and smelly.

Thank you so much for posting about these smells. I smell them on me constantly, I shower and can smell them washing off me, and when I dry myself, I can still smell it on my skin. My bedding, towels, clothes all smell after a couple of minutes contact with me. My wash basket is constantly full of things that smell. Even when I wash my clothes, the sweat smell remains, I've tried different detergents, hotter washes, but nothing gets the smell to go. I'm 47, peri menopausal for about a year, experiencing all of these problems. Now after IVF, I'm pregnant with twins, and much to my surprise, I still smell of Mexican spices and sweat..... My hormones must have changed surely??? Anyway, it's great not to be alone in this confusing and unpleasant world of smells. Unfortunately, I have no answers to this conundrum.

May 03, 2016
by: Anonymous

omg! recently ive been to the A&E for my son and mother..i had a strong smell of blood from them each time..never had it before but it was unmistakable..strong flavours resonate in my mouth for ages

May 20, 2016
The smells
by: Anonymous

So glad to see others are experiencing the increased sensitivity to smells...even tho I don't wish it on my worst enemy. Well, perhaps on a really bad enemy, it depends on the day!! I drive a city bus and there are certain buses that have this smell - it's like a combo of old cherry flavored pipe tobacco with some sort of vanilla deodorizer- all over a nasty dead smell. Tonight it took everything in me not to vomit. I've heard essential oil of peppermint helps. Also, we have a large immigrant community from Africa in my town, and normally I love African spices & food, but the smell of their clothes from the food smells in their homes, or something! just makes me so nauseous. A friend of mine who is a member of the community says they also tend to wear a lot of jasmine oil, which I don't care for...she smells just fine!! Also, the smell of people who've gone out drinking the night before - they smell like bad onions!!! And I'm so sensitive to garlic. My roommate eats it raw and I can smell her on a different floor and she reeks of it for days. Ugh. Thanks for letting me vent.

May 30, 2016
what is causing that rotten smell no one else cannot smell but me.
by: laurancia

Am happy to know am not alone i sometime think i will lose my mine its over 5 years since am taking a funny smell am 56 i don,t know what to do am hoping to find a cure am losing weight because it is stressing me out.

Aug 29, 2016
by: Anonymous

Yes it smells like swell water burning hair
What is this

Sep 22, 2016
highted sense of smell? Perimenopausal?
by: Anonymous

Oh lord! I am so glad I am not the only one ! I have developed a phobia of public bathrooms because they stink ! To make me think it is me , I have become almost paranoid! I can smell sweat off of a fellow student in a large classroom! It bothers me ! What to do? Ugh?!

Oct 05, 2016
Sensitivity to odours and menopause
by: Teri

I just decided to google 'do bio-identical hormones cause smell sensitivities?' I couldn't believe I found your comments! So there is such a thing?? I am on bio-identical hormones and was wondering if they were causing my sensitivity to odours, particularly the constant smell of car exhaust. I also find air-fresheners scents to be extremely strong. I am about to speak with my Hormone Doc tomorrow and plan on asking her thoughts.

Nov 04, 2016
by: TinaAnonymous

Hi BEANSPROUT I have only chimed in on the first 4 posts, I stopped when you mentioned your weight loss without any effort over the past 6 months. Ding ding ding went my little brain because I think for sure you are having a 'THYROID STORM' which can happen during menopause. You should really get your Dr to run some thyroid tests spread out even over a month to see the fluctuations. If you are hyperthyroid which means your levels are overactive you will lose weight very quickly, you will feel anxious and jittery, be hypersensitive etc. This can be a first symptom of Hashimoto's thyroiditis and after the HIGH your thyroid function will just drop and you will experience hypothyroidism, which will make you very sick. Very low immunity and susceptible to infections even if you have had chicken pox, if you have untreated hypothyroidism you can contract it again, as well as glandular fever and cold sores, ulcers these are all your typical clues to see your Dr immediately for a test. Hope this helps and that you are back on track with your health, Cheers Tina.

Dec 06, 2016
Sensitive to smells
by: Bluejeans

So glad I found this site. I am 50 and recently my sensitivity to smells has got worse. I cannot handle certain cooking smells, especially when I am not preparing meals or when someone reheats food in the microwave. The last time I felt this sick was when I was pregnant (last time 17 years ago - suffered from terrible morning sickness made worse by smells)

So I'm wondering if it is hormone related. I'm also sensitive to sickly perfume and body odors (horror) At least I know I'm not alone but it's very frustrating and my husband thinks I'm weird lol !

Dec 13, 2016
I hate menopause!!!!!
by: Kerry

I've been using the same laundry detergent for a while now and I woke up this morning thinking I was getting sick from my dog being stinky. I went as far as to go get dog wipes (she's a shepherd and I have a little shower, plus it's too cold) to clean her. Well, after all that and I was still smelling this nauseating smell and I started to smell my clothes. Turns out that it was my clothes. They were fresh out of the laundry. I cannot believe this. I have to go get new laundry detergent and rewash ALL my clothes, UGH! WTH?!!!

Dec 19, 2016
pussycat in sufferings
by: puss

Hi there, i am so glad i am not alone in this miserable condition, i have have been in this state of sensitivity of smells for 7 years already and it goes bad and worst with each year. As the result of it, i can not go to most places, which normal humans go and enjoy themselves.I have no close friends and it is not easy to make any close friends in a new country (England), where i am now and with this horrible affliction i can not be near most people. Cos too many of them wearing washing powder/fabric conditioner smell or perfume or aftershave odour, or sigs odour or car's fuels smell, the ones, that just came from car. So horrible! I would not wish this malady on anybody.

Jan 12, 2017
I'm back
by: Michelle

Hello I'm back from my third post. I first posted December of last year that I believe February I may have even posted again. My sense of smell has been off since October 2015. I finally went to an ENT. They did a brain scan on my brain and sinuses and found nothing wrong with me. I have also had a whole body MRI only because I'm donating a kidney, all my blood work is good we can find nothing wrong with me. I didn't believe it was hormones and menopause because it made no sense to me. So after all that testing I am chalking this up to Menopause. I am sure all of you have done a ton of research on the Internet and can find nothing except this forum. At this point I have eliminated all fragrance in my house, all cleaners with chemicals, laundry detergent, fabric softener, fabric softener sheets perfumes, body lotion any aerosol sprays, even under arm deodorant. I use the rock now found at Health food stores. We make our own laundry detergent and household cleaners and use Essential oils. Basically there are no more man-made chemicals in the home. Also eliminated all dishware that's plastic including Tupperware we only use ceramic or glass This has helped tremendously except for when I go out in public and get around other people's perfume, or walk by Bath and Bodyworks. When that happens the symptoms come back for about three days. Eliminating all of his is actually healthy for you and your children which I found out during all this. Also, check your cosmetics and skin care regimen and soaps they all have fragrance . We eliminated all of those too. If you go to your health food store you can find all natural things and find natural cosmetics online. Hope this helps.

Feb 20, 2017
Drives me nuts !
by: Waspotty

Hi, I know this thread is now years old but so glad to see I'm certainly not the only one with a 'blood hound' sense of smell. I had a relatively early menopause at age 40 and up until a year ago was still having terrible hot flushes, now a little easier thank god , but for the last 2 years my sense of smell has gone haywire . Mine seems to come and go , but for weeks at a time (sometimes months) anything thats fragranced is repulsive to me. Washing powder, fabric conditioner, cleaning products, shoes, carpets, bedding, my children and my husband sometimes make me gag ! I kid you not ! And its certainly not helped by the fact that my boys are teenagers and not particularly bothered about cleanliness..urghhh. And yes, sometimes , I can smell myself which had never happened before. I used to try and work out if there is a pattern to it , but alas , no joy !

Feb 23, 2017
Menopause, ETD and allergy
by: Anonymous

I am 56 in menopause since 2013. Perimenopause age 45. I have always had a 28 days cycle. Never used the pill. PMS mostly every month, emotionally sensitive. I had one child age 24. Post partum depression. Anxiety disorder my entire life then depression set in during my late teens. Strange gag reflex in the beginning of my pregnancy, that was before I knew I was pregnant. Doctor said it was due to hormones while pregnant. Never had upset stomach but it did make me vomit. PMS severe during perimenopause, oily scalp and hair loss, still comes and goes.

Menopause came and I now have Eustachian Tube Dysfuction, ringing in both ears, painful symptoms in my neck, chest and digestive tract when exposed to new furniture, performed flooring, cleaning products, man made material, and I can no longer knit. Reactions to all fibers. I have been tested for certain s allergens and two types of mold along with dust mites and oak pollen tested positive. This has been ongoing since November 2013 without a break. I am concerned that this maybe auto-immune( Sjogren's) I have researched a lot as the doctors are really good for nothing! Last year I went to a female rheumatologist and expressed my concerns about auto-immune disease and that I was having a lot of difficulty living day to day due to this magnified response to certain materials in the environment and the ETD is something that some Sjogren's patients experience. She examined me quickly, was quite rude and sent me for bloodwork.

I ASSUMED she LISTENED and was following up throughly.... DON'T ever ASSUME, as you make an ASS out of U and ME! She ONLY checked my vitamin D LEVEL! Shame on her! One year has gone by, I am now going to see another rheumatologist...I know that menopause can cause ETD also, I just need to be checked and taken seriously. I am fed up with doctors. They are a money making business. Finding it very hard to respect them as my expierence with them has been terrible. They wonder why patients are doing their own research, as they certainly aren't. Anyone else having ear problems? Thanks for listening and allowing me vent.

Mar 04, 2017
smell sensitivities
by: Anonymous

Yes, I liken my smell sensitivity to morning sickness, although not as bad. I recently experienced around 7 symptoms of menopause all of a sudden and nausea from certain smells is one. Hormones thrown into turmoil I believe is the cause as well as the changes in histamine levels causing allergies.

I am 55, late to be starting menopause. I feel like I have been hit by a truck, but people keep telling me how well I look

Apr 21, 2017
Peri-menopausal... I think....?
by: Smithers

My sense of smell wasn't my super power..... Now, suddenly, super aware (all very strange!).

I'm 42, ( yup, early I know). Family history of Hormones slumping like someones turned out the light, however, happily reassured that I'm not going completely mad and this new found skill set has some kind of explanation.

Very very odd. (Quietly relieved that theres been no roofies involved and i can't be pregnant!!)

Aren't womens bodies weird?!!

Never cease to be amazed.

May 09, 2017
57 and smell sensitivity just started...
by: Luna

I loved finding this page as this curious and unpleasant symptom has now started with me.

I'm 57 and my periods stopped 2 years ago.

I'm finding every scent unpleasant and seem to be picking up the most hidden, light odors that no one else smells...

Also, like other ladies mentioned here, I'm highly allergic, get rashes, congested and sinus headaches that feel like my head is going to explode!

Just wanted to say thank you for discussing and sharing this weird complaint! xx

May 21, 2017
Lose of smell and taste
by: Anonymous

I recently started on estrogen creams due to waking up feeling like I was is the splash zone at Sea World. Very uncomfortable sleep. Since I started the cream the sweats have subsided but I have lost the sense of taste and smell. My doctor assures me this is not a symptom of menopause or the creams and have tried to rule out what it could be. Next is a CT scan.

Any cases of this lose of sense or am I the lucky one?

Frustrated, missing taste and smell

Jun 07, 2017
Menopause and Smells
by: Elise

Hi Bean Sprout,

I've noticed that my detergent smells funny. I use Tide Sport. I've used it for years and now it makes my clothes smell like an industrial cleaner, something like a public restroom after it's been cleaned. Now this morning when I pulled a shirt out of my closet it smelled like Destin rash ointment. So at this point I don't know what's going on. My daughter uses the same detergent and said it doesn't smell any different to her. I also noticed that Downey softener doesn't smell the way it used too. I guess I may have to try another detergent because I don't want to smell like an industrial cleaner or a diaper. And maybe I don't smell like this to others but I have to smell my clothes all day and I don't like it.

I'm glad it's not just me, although I feel for those who are going through the same thing.

Jun 15, 2017
The smell is taking a toll on me..mentally and physically
by: Julie

It started in March, I went to a concert with my mom and I thought she put some bad perfume on, ever since then I noticed I have some good days and bad days.

I have had to stop using certain dryer sheets, body soaps, shampoos, no perfumes whatsoever and cannot use any fabric softener in my clothes or bed sheets. I had to throw away my husband's deodorant and body wash as it smelled horrible period. I noticed it's really bad when the house has been closed up for a couple days, the whole house smells like it. Sometimes my food smells like it, especially chicken wings.

I have had allergy testing done, MRI of my brain and CT of my sinus cavity, all came back normal. Now my thyroid is enlarged with non-cancerous cysts. I had a total hysterectomy 4 years ago and have been on 2 mg estradiol and 100 mg of progesterone since then.

I feel like I have a allergic reaction whenever I come in contact with the smell. It almost seems like my lymph nodes through my chest can feel everything I drink or eat.

My doctors have put me on all sorts of antibiotics and even treated me for a colonized staph infection in my nose. Now I am on Diflucan for a possible candida buildup. I am at wit's end. I feel like all of my doctors think I'm crazy and I'm driving my husband insane.

Aug 24, 2017
by: Anonymous

I haven't read all the other posts but you could have a very common genetic mutation. MTHFR is the abbreviation. I take folate and avoid its synthetic form of folic acid which is in everything. But the sensitivity to smells and additives to foods and wine grows worse as I get older.

Aug 24, 2017
The smell is taking a toll on me..mentally and physically
by: Joy

Hi Julie

Apologies for the delay in replying, I have only just seen your post. Perhaps you have been able to resolve some of your symptoms.

If you have not done so already please read this thread, especially posts by Wray. Beansprout also provides some helpful information. There is a definite hormone connection. Please also have your adrenals tested. You may like to try this adrenal fatigue cocktail which has helped so many including myself.

One application:

* 4oz/125ml freshly squeezed Orange Juice – the vitamin C makes sure that the minerals noted below get to the liver to nourish the adrenals
* 1/4 tsp of Cream of Tartar - this is an excellent source of Potassium
* 1/4 tsp of fresh ground Himalayan Sea Salt - this is an excellent source of Sodium and other minerals

I urge you to take action as far as your thyroid goes, please do not ignore the non-cancerous cysts.

You are not using enough progesterone to support your symptoms especially when in Menopause, I suggest you try 200mg of Natpro progesterone cream. You may need more. To be used every day with no breaks at all for 2-6 months or until symptoms clear. I also do not believe that any women needs to take extra estrogen, there are well over 100 estrogen mimics in our environment as it is why would any women want to take more and why would doctors prescribe it? That is madness. It's an uphill battle for progesterone to work as it is fighting estrogen. Progesterone needs to be the dominant hormone at all times.

I am somewhat confused when you say 'possible candida buildup'. Do you have candida or not, were the doctors able to confirm this? The antibiotics you are taking are killing all the good bacteria in your gut, it doesn't surprise me if you do have Candida. It would be a very good idea to stop them, then you should be able to get on top of it. Fermented veg especially sauerkraut is an excellent probiotic, better than any probiotic bought OTC and will help gut issues. Do take care with Diflucan, it can cause liver problems, but it's rare. See link below.

Do you know what your Vitamin D3 level is? A deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone and is connected to every single functioning cell in our body's making it vital. Co-factors are needed with taking vitamin D3, they are important, especially magnesium and vitamin K2.

Please read the followings links on the website as well as those posted by Wray.

Estrogen Dominance -

Candida -

Vitamin D3 - -

Magnesium -

Adrenal Fatigue - Smell -

Diflucan -

Insulin Resistance -

Oct 04, 2017
by: Anonymous

I hate the way meat smells now, im 50 years.

Nov 02, 2017
Thank you for the info on smell sensitivities
by: Anonymous

My sense of smell started being on high alert, after being almost non-existent, now at age 45. The ENT had no idea it could be related to hormones. I went to a naturopath who tested my hormone levels and found low progesterone and testosterone. I started on progesterone cream, and the heightened sense of smell went away during the first month but came back stronger than ever the second month.

Based on all the info above, it seems likely that my estrogen has kicked in while I adjust. The smell is so bad it's hard to sleep. We need some ENT's to partner up with hormone specialists to do research on this!

Feb 23, 2018
Smell Sensitive
by: Snow

I'm just starting menopause (49) and my sensitivity to smells is overwhelming. I love to cook and now cooking almost anything is a struggle because of the smells. I cooked salmon for my husband tonight and two hours later I can't stand to be in the kitchen because of the smell. I stepped outside to get some fresh air and somewhere a skunk had sprayed and the smell was especially unbearable (some times you just can't win.)
I'm glad to hear there are others experiencing this.

Apr 20, 2018
Relieved I'm not the only one
by: Lynn

Hi. I'm 55 years old. My sensitivity to smells, especially perfumes, colognes, soaps and lotions, started after my partial hysterectomy in Oct. 2010. It progressively got worse after my gallbladder surgery in 2012. I also have a fatty liver (hence the gallbladder removal), acid reflux and IBS-D.

I am a receptionist at a non-profit counselling agency and frequently encounter clients with strong scents. I don't have problems with anything food-related, just fragrances.

When menopause set in (night sweats, hot flashes, irritability and low-nonexistent libido), my doctor prescribed Climara 50 patches, a 0.05mg/day estrogen therapy. The patch contains 3.8 mg of estradiol-17B with delivery over 7 days.

I was thinking there may be something medically wrong (my grandmother had Parkinson's and I've read scent-sensitivity may be a symptom) but after speaking with a coworker and now reading this thread, I'm more inclined to attribute it to menopause.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.

Apr 24, 2018
Nose and mouth smell
by: Anonymous

I understand what the person suffering from nose smell is trying to say, because am equally suffering from this. I started noticing each time I talk people close their nose. I used so much mouth wash and it was gone and all of a sudden I started to perceive foul odour from my nose.

I have gone to the dentist, done every thing and nothing has worked and now I don't even need to talk before people run away form me. No one comes close to me in my place of work, I have been having this for 4 months now, believe me I have spent a lot of money. I bought all kinds of drugs to no avail. I have come to live with it now anyways but if there is anything I can do please, I will forever be grateful.

All this smell thing started 5 months ago, it has ruined my life, If not that I am strong, I would have quit my job because now you can smell me with bad odour from miles. Imagine what will happen if you are close.

Apr 25, 2018
Nose and mouth smell
by: Joy

I am not sure if you have read this entire thread, but Wray and Beansprout have explained as best they can. There seems to be a connection between hormones, especially in peri-menopause and menopause and smell.

I wish that I could help you more.

Dec 11, 2018
by: Loribell

I am 55 years old, through menopause by three years, and I have noticed the past couple of years I have been extremely sensitive to perfume, cologne, smoke, detergents... anything that is chemically based. It's gotten so bad this past year that I can't go to the mall shopping. I have to choose my seat in a theater VERY carefully in hopes that no one wearing perfume or cologne will sit near me... even elevators can be bad because they are so enclosed and they hold the smell of perfume. I can smell garlic on someone's breath a mile away. I'm hoping this is just a phase or I am going to become a hermit!

Dec 14, 2018
It does go away!
by: Siobhan

Hi Loribelle,

I posted here about 3 years ago and can I tell you that at 58 this problem is completely gone! It only lasted a few months for me, so there is definitely light at the end of the tunnel!
Take care and all the best for 2019 ♡

Dec 21, 2018
Sensitive to fragrances
by: Anonymous

Yes I am also having problems with all fragrance. They are really making me feel nauseous, headaches, very bad headaches. I also have problems with asthma. I know hot flashes can give you headaches also.

I am also very sensitive to noise especially if I am starting to get a headache. I have had to buy fragrance free shampoos, soaps, cleaners and etc.

I also wonder if menopause makes you more sensitive to sound and smells?

Dec 11, 2020
by: Anonymous

I am 48 and for about 3 years cant handle any smells! It use to be only chemicals like perfumes but now I cant even stand essential oils being diffused. Burning eyes and headaches from any synthetic smells. Boys get out of the shower and holy cow! I can even smell the heat coming from the dryer! I have to use clear laundry soap and hand soaps.

Feb 25, 2022
so mad
by: jojo

I am so mad that no one barely talks about peri-menopause. I had no clue what I was in for and it doesn't help that the worldwide population as whole is not educated, doctors included. Anyway, I have had hyperosmia, extreme sensitivity to smells, since my periods began to cease a year and a half ago. Most sites dedicated to hyperosmia do not mention peri-menopause. It's a sin. It makes you feel as if you are crazy, as no one believes you are experiencing what you are experiencing and it effects so many areas of one's life. Fragrance is so entrenched in our societal belief systems. It is everywhere, in everything. I only feel comfortable when I am at home. Work is extremely difficult as I am surrounded by scent believers. Going out is hit or miss. I always feel on guard. Even being outside, you are always subject to the multitude of artificial fragrances emanating from dryer vents, cars, smokers, etc... Regarding fragrance, I wish that people would understand how harmful these substances are, implicated in a multitude of very serious illnesses from autism to cancer to gender dysphoria. The endocrine-disrupting capabilities of these substances are FAR-REACHING AND SPOOKY. Alas, I can only go forward, educate and refuse to not talk about a major life occurrence that more than half of the world will go through and that almost EVERYONE on earth will be effected by either directly or indirectly. Thank you for starting a conversation.

Apr 19, 2022
premature menopause sensitive to smells
by: Danielle

I have premature ovarian failure and am 4 years postmenopausal and I use hrt. I also suffer from migraines but I read here so many women without migraines suffer from sensitivity to smells. I said so many times to gynecologists that it has something to do with hormonal changes/decline but they won't listen. I am extremely sensitive to smells now; perfumes, autogasses, detergents, I smell everyone it is awfull and it is taking it's toll right now. I am wondering if the hrt is causing more issues I have no idea. It is causing a lot of arguments at home. Besides this I suffer a lot from menopause in general. I hope someday a specialist will listen to me because this is no life at the moment.

Apr 20, 2022
premature menopause sensitive to smells
by: Joy

​Hi Danielle

I am pleased that you have read this thread so there will be no need for me to explain the same thing ​again.​

I totally agree with you about why doctors do not listen to their patience​s​. We know our bodies, we know what works and what doesn't. If I could just mention HRT, they all have a potential to cause harm if drug based. Please consider using a natural progesterone cream such as Natpro which is a 3% cream. You will have to wean off your HRT if you do decide to do​ switch. Use the search bar and type in How to Wean off HRT.​

Please follow Wray's advice and read the links and research papers carefully. ​​Life is stressful enough without having to deal with menopausal issues which can quite easily be sorted out.

Take care.

Apr 21, 2022
Smells went away with progesterone
by: Patty

Hi all,

I went to a naturopath who did listen to me. She took my blood during a certain time in my menstrual cycle and found I was low on progesterone and testosterone even compared to other women going through perimenopause. She put me on progesterone, and the smells stopped. She told me to go off of the progesterone during my period, and the smells came back for those few days. Totally related! I hope that helps.

Apr 21, 2022
Hang in there.
by: jojo

Hang in there Danielle.

I don't know anything about HRT, but I just wanted to let you know that I feel your pain.

With regard to smell sensitivity, I keep trying to explain it to people so that they understand. Any stimulus sensitivity is overwhelming. Imagine if everyone was a blinking strobe light or that everyone was yelling all the time instead of speaking at a regular volume. With bright lights you shield your eyes and walk away. With loud sounds you cover your ears and walk away. With strong smells you can't pinch your nose and close your mouth. You have to breathe and you can't always walk away!!!

I also make the analogy with touch. If someone caresses your hand, it might feel nice. If someone grabs your arm and squeezes, twists and pulls on it, it hurts. Any sensory overload is going to stress your body out and the smell thing is hard because you can't always see it coming. Smell molecules are lurking everywhere.

I seek relief whenever and wherever possible. For me, my home is my refuge. Maybe ask your family members to read some of these entries. Maybe they will understand that it is a real thing and assist you in mitigating the smells. I am so sorry that your healthcare professionals are not understanding what is happening. That must be so frustrating. I see references throughout medical literature linking hormones and the sense of smell. Why aren't they putting two and two together?

I am trying to deal with it as if it is going to last forever so that I am not just waiting for a change. I have to keep living. If there is a change, I will welcome it and go on from there. Although this has been a very trying time for me, I do in a weird way feel just a little more alive and more compassionate. Silver linings??? I wish for you all the silver linings you can find!!!

ps---I swear that meditation helps me to calm myself down when need be. Meditation, deep breathing. It can't hurt.

Apr 25, 2022
premature menopause sensitive to smells
by: Danielle

Thank you for your comments!

Aug 15, 2023
Thank you for all your shared experiences
by: Aussie42

I’ve read everything posted all these years in this conversation and FINALLY I don’t feel crazy

- Rewashing my laundry in fragrance free liquid because the one we’ve been using for years is suddenly so strong
- Smelling when the hot water is ready
- I can smell metal? Tonight (which is why I’m here) I swear I can smell the metal chairs I was sitting next to in my lounge, I’m nauseous with a dull headache. I’m now in another room and I can’t smell metal anymore..
- I can taste smells
- years ago I could smell like a chemical burn somewhere. Found out the batteries in our tv remote were leaking.
- I love a good air out of the house, ventilation is my thing. I love my air filter too
- I can smell my husbands moisturizer he only uses in his office upstairs, from downstairs
- I can smell them chewing gum from the other side of the house

It’s always been around ovulation for me but also pops up randomly. Now I’m 42, perimenopause for the last 7 years and start progesterone only pill earlier in the year, but the bloodhound nose persists. I do suspect I’m still low in progesterone (still spotting daily) and will look at things like DIM and Cal D Glucarate for estrogen elimination support (and I’ll check on spiralina). I did suspect reflux, but this feels like morning sickness where the senses are overwhelmed. I’m also going through some testing with my dr who thinks I have chronic fatigue or POTS or long covid but I can see how everything aligns with perimenopause and menopause hormones.

Wishing everyone here the best, it really is debilitating. I’m off to buy a peppermint nasal inhaler to try.

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