Still worse symptoms

by Dionna
(Warrenton, VA)

Hi there-Dionna here again on behalf of my daughter. We need a little more advice.

She is definitely on a roller coaster which has been very rough as expected but as time goes on it seems the anxiety and depression levels keep getting much worse than prior to starting the cream. Some anger stuff too off and on but the anxiety and depression are at equal high levels-a feeling different than she has ever experienced. One usually dominates over the other. Nothing she typically uses (natural remedies) to keep things manageable are working.

The guess work and new protocol is a source of stress too. It is making her afraid to go up in dose and even keep taking it. We got the test kit a few days ago but she cannot do the test until day 19 of this menstrual cycle, so it will be a while before we know anything.

Her current dose is at about 300-350 a day. 150, 50, 150.

Considering her severe symptoms-what would you say is a good amount for her? Would she see less severity in symptoms if she makes a big jump? Is there an upper limit?

Also her period is due-actually a day overdue. She had a severe spell with cramps earlier today that went away. She hadn't taken the cream yet and it was well over the 13hour window. Should she take even more than whatever dose she is on during her period each month?

She has recently started taking some of the supplements you mentioned here on this site (Inositol, Taurine, Glycine). Hoping that will help-not sure how long before she would feel the effects. She was already using a topical GABA that helps her sleep before using the progesterone cream. You mentioned one needs to be careful with it. With the cream should she lower her dose of the GABA?

Sorry for so many questions but I am desperately trying to help her manage this. At this stage she is totally miserable and unable to function. Unable to eat much at all with the elevated anxiety. Her circadian rhythm is still way off so not much productive sleep.

I know everyone is different-but in general do most people experience continued slight improvement as time goes on - or will it usually remain this bad until suddenly it is totally better?

We are certainly not expecting all her symptoms to go away quickly-but we at least need to get her to a level where she can function until they do go away.

Any help you can give us is highly appreciated!!


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Nov 22, 2023
Still worse symptoms
by: Justine

Hello Dionna,

Just a note, it is easier to keep all conversations to one thread so that we can keep record of the history of the conversation!

As Joy mentioned, it is not an overnight fix and things can get a little more hairy before they settle. How long has she been on natural bio-identical progesterone cream for now?

It is best to stay on the dose she is currently taking and then slowly increase if things do not improve after 2 weeks. Dr. Dalton used very high doses of progesterone, from 800mg/day for PND and up to 2400mg/day for post natal psychosis, these are the amounts her patients responded to effectively.
In traumatic brain injuries these high doses are used as well to great effect.
You do not need to go this high with the dose as these doses were used in extreme cases but it is safe enough to use high doses according to the research and results conducted by Dr. Dalton and Emory University.

Progesterone levels drop with stress too, so this is something to keep in mind.

Excess copper causes oestrogen to rise, suppresses both zinc and progesterone. Not only that but it causes aggression, anxiety, depression and psychosis. Perhaps you could get her copper levels tested?

I am not sure what dose of GABA she is on currently? I know she is wary of changing protocols and dosages, it is difficult to give an exact formula as there are so many co-factors involved when finding balance, but as I stated in your other thread, progesterone activates the GABA receptor sites so she could try reducing the amount of GABA if she is on a high dose of GABA and see if that helps, whilst maintaining her current progesterone dose.

Warm wishes,

Nov 22, 2023
by: Anonymous

This is something I’m afraid of. The anxiety from waking up estrogen receptors. This is why I plan to start with up to 600mg a day with it spread out throughout the day. Perhaps 100mg 6x a day to keep the blood progesterone level? Higher doses are recommended to start and then lower it once symptoms start to disappear one by one. I’ve tried low dose progesterone in the past and it did cause major anxiety. I hope this time around, higher doses can prevent it. I hope your daughter finds the right dose. I heard higher doses should start to feel sedating. So maybe thats the only worry about going higher? That it may make her sleepy but thats a hell of a lot better than feeling fearful. I say give it a try and if anything, you can always tweak dose after.

Dec 01, 2023
by: Anonymous

Hope she is doing well. Any updates?

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