Still looking for answers

by B
(Yelm, WA)

I had a miscarriage when I was 19. After that I had three healthy babies with my ex-husband, in a row. Since then, I have remarried and had three miscarriages with my current husband.

I discovered just yesterday that the normal level of vitamin D is supposed to be somewhere between 100-150; I have a level of 7! So I was prescribed a supplement and I decided to do some searching on the subject. It hasn't been confirmed unanamously, but some studies have found that a deficency in vitamin D can cause recurrent miscarriages. I just started taking the vitamin supplement last night so I have a while before I know if that is the issue, but in the mean time the doctors are planning on doing a hysteroscopy (putting a camera in my uterus to check for scar tissue) to see if scarring is preventing the embryos from implanting properly.

I hope that the vitamin D deficency is the problem, because it is easily corrected. I would love to have a baby with my current husband.

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Jan 27, 2010
Still looking for answers
by: Wray

Hi B. The standard norm for vitamin D is 30-75ng/ml. But very recent research has found it should be between 50-90ng/ml. For maintenance the dose for an adult should be 5000IU's/day, if deficient it should be 10 000IU's until the level has risen. If you only had 7 that is severely deficient!

Recurrent miscarriages are often a lack of progesterone too. Did they check your levels? We do have a web page on pregnancy you might like to look at here.

Interestingly vitamin D enhances the effect of progesterone. Please have a look at this web site, it's the best there is on vitamin D therapy. Take care, Wray

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