starting with other cream until natpro is in stock

by julie mcfadden


How to make the switch to Natpro

above is my info from last post,
I am 43 and have 25 day cycles lasting about 4 days each. I just stopped the low dose cream from Dr to take a saliva test and have 3 more days until I start my period. I stopped taking the cream a week early not only for the test but the low dose was only causing more symptoms as you state and I don't have the option of using the does you said to use as I only have a prescription for the low dose. I am due to start my period on April 26th and ovulate on May 7th. I will order Natpro when its available but worried I wont get it in time, would it be ok to use a progesterone cream from the health food store at 100-200mg dose until I get the natpro ? I figured it was just as well to stop the low dose as to keep it up. My breasts are so tender its keeping me awake at night, geesshhhhh. And the weight, are you even kidding me ? The nightmare has to end soon.
THanks again Wray for all you do, its so appreciated.
Oh, and I DID start taking 10,000 vit d a day.

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Apr 24, 2013
starting with other cream until natpro is in stock
by: Wray

Hi Julie Thanks for giving the link to your first page, but please would you reply on that page in future. It helps me keep a thread going, otherwise I have to search through my replies, as I can't remember everything you've said or what I've replied! I understand about stopping the cream you're using due to the sore breasts, but stopping for a test is pointless. The whole idea of the test is to find out your progesterone level. Stopping means your level drops and what does that tell you or your doctor. I'm sorry about the stock out, it's lasting far longer than we anticipated, I see it's still not in. Any cream is fine to use, the bottom line is is it cost effective, many of the low strength creams are costly. I don't think the 100mg/day will touch sides, please use the 200mg/day in preference. We do have a page on Breast Tenderness and another on Breast Cysts you could look through. Low iodine is often a reason for sore breasts. I'm pleased you've up the vitamin D, and taking it daily. Vitamin D has a half life of 24 hours, which means it drops quite sharply over the course of a week. Your level is low, the minimum specialists recommend is 50ng/ml, the less cautious say it should be between 70-100ng/ml. I tend to err on the side of the less cautious, mine is currently 92ng/ml. Having a test in a month is good, it will show you how much the 10,000iu has increased it by. If insufficient I suggest you increase to 20,000iu per day for a month, and then drop back to 10,000iu thereafter. Take care Wray

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