starting progesterone

by Molly
(Minneapolis .mn)

I'm so very confused! I think I misunderstood the nurse I spoke with when starting my bio identical progesterone pills. I have had three miscarriages in the past year after having three healthy pregnancies with no complications. I think I babe always had low progesterone though and somehow got pregnant with the others anyway. I have been in a hormone roller coaster this year as it has taken me forever to get my hog levels to drop. My last cycle I had my progesterone checked on day 26 and it was 0.24. My period did not come until day 42 which is not at all normal for me. 5 months ago I was prescribed progesterone but did not take it as I was trying some other things. This was the last month I had given myself to try for. Baby so called in an. Said I wanted to start the progesterone pills. I was on day 4 of my cycle and the lady told me to go ahead and take them. Starting with 6.25 mg and increasing every 3 days. I am now up to g25 mg on day 14 of my cycle. After doing some reading I am thinking I shouldn't have started so early and now I won't ovulate . What should I do at this point in my cycle? Do I go for 28 days and then start fresh or stop now knowing I most likely won't ovulate because of the progesterone pills? I am ending my time of trying mad hope as this has just become tori much.

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