Starting Progesterone Therapy

by Al Thompson
(Austin, Texas, USA)

I am a firefighter and ex-powerlifter. About 10-15 years ago, I began to get very tired and achy, with problems digesting and getting lots of abdominal bloat. It got to where I would make it in for a 24 hour shift and then collapse for the next 48 hrs just to get ready for the next shift. Libido was non-existent and Viagra and Cialis didn't do much good. I went to get my testosterone checked, at the urging of my wife and found my testosterone, Vitamin D and thyroid were all low. That was back in October of 2013 and have been on bioidentical HRT ever since. I also am on estrogen blockers, Vitamin D and Armour thyroid. At the beginning of 2014, I also had all mercury removed from my mouth, 5 fillings and 4 crowns, and went through a program of mercury removal using chlorella, cilantro and glutathione, which is still ongoing. Have been on progesterone therapy about a week now and felt amazing for the first 2-3 days. All aches and pains seemed to subside, my energy went up, libido increased somewhat and bloat went down and digestion seemed to improve. After the first 2-3 days the benefits seemed to subside. I took the dose up a little and am still waiting to see how I react. I currently am taking about 30 mg a day, 20 mg at night after warm shower and 10 mg in the morning upon arising. Any pointers on progesterone therapy would be appreciated. Thank You, Al Thompson

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Jan 21, 2016
Starting Progesterone Therapy
by: RJ

Hi Al!
I give my husband 100mg a day of progesterone...have for several months. It will not hurt you. Men with prostate cancer are given progesterone therapy for recovery. Keeping testosterone up in my husband is really tough at 55. Zinc, tribulus and progesterone are my go-to ones. I am still out on whether saw palmento helps increase the testosterone, but he still gets it every day anyway for prostate health...bitter as it is...I make my own tinctures LOL. The Gut Summit is going on right now. has the link, it's free. How much glutamine do you take? Digestive enzymes and probiotics will help tremendously. Is the estrogen blocker synthetic? As my son is a body builder and is taking one and is dealing with terrible digestion right now. I told him to stop it and see what happens with his stomach, since he takes upwards to 20g of glutamine a day. Calcium D-Gluterate is a good estrogen blocker that Wray recommends to women. Humic acid/fulvic acid is a good detox as is activated has a good humic/fulvic product. Be sure to take K2, boron and magnesium with D3 so the calcium gets into the bones instead of building in the arteries. Hope this helps! Up that dosage and see what happens, it's not gonna hurt. Thank you for your service and putting your life on the line each day. Our society would be lost without servicemen as yourself! God Bless! RJ

Jan 22, 2016
Thanks For Feedback
by: Al T

Thanks so much for your suggestions and commentary. I will certainly give them a try. Thanks again! Al T

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