by Suzanne
(Kuranda )

I'm 61 years. I was on Protesterone for many years as I mentioned in a previous article. I have read all the information but am still messing around with a starting dose.

Just briefly, I should never have stopped the progesterone cream and was always on a dose of around 200 to 300 mg and it worked well for me until the last couple of years???. For whatever reason I decided to just stop it!! It's been 18 months and of course I have gained so much water weight and other symptoms. I tried to restart it again a few months ago but as I learnt here I was probably not using enough at only 80mg. Or alternatively I only gave it a couple of days. I gained weight immediately and felt bad so stopped it, where as I should have persevered.

I am on week 2 now and am using doses around 200 to 300mg. I am not starting to lose any weight yet, but have gained an extra 2 kilos??? I'm feeling ok though. I'm thinking I should have began with 150mg or less and just persevered for a bit longer. The few days that I used 300 mg I felt absolutely shocking so have cut back to about 250, I'm still bloated and weight gain. I am Absolutely totally confused now.


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Sep 29, 2020
Starting Dose Confusion
by: Joy

Hi Suzanne

I answered your question in your previous post. You are now using 250mg per day, remember to give it to to work. Progesterone therapy is not an overnight fix, it does take time. Weight gain can occur when first using, or in your case, starting to use progesterone again. Please try to persevere with the amount that you are using. If you find that 250mg is not helping you, then increase and stay on the increased amount. You may have to increase again before you find some relief. It can to 2-6 months before the body adjust, longer if symptoms are severe. Once you feel stable and symptoms have improved, you can reduce the amount of progesterone.

You will need to experiment to see what suits you best. We are all different, what suits one may not suit another.

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