Spotting / Heavy but regular menstruation

by Klynk
(North Carolina - USA)

I am 46 and have begun using natural progesterone cream (NatPro and ProGest primarily) to reduce very heavy periods. My periods throughout my life have lasted a full 7 days but seem to be stretch to 10 with spotting at beginning and end. In the middle, the flow is so heavy I have to use 3 super plus tampons and a full pad -- often needing to change within an hour of so. This heavy nightmare lasts for approximately 2 full days accompanied with major cramps (requiring a 4-6 hour dose of ibuprofen to function).

My periods have almost always been regular (yet heavy) but since applying the cream have felt some relief. I have started having night sweats which seem to come and go but I believe the cream is helping. I don't have hot flashes or other symptoms.

I had mild PCOS in my 30's and changed my diet and became pregnant with my daughter (eliminating bad crabs). When I focused on my diet, my symptoms subsided and periods became more normal. I have also been off and on birth control for many years but always having the heavier than wanted flow (with or without).

Since applying the cream, I have noticed a tendency to bleed/spot more. I have been reading this forum and applying more and more but the spotting, extra long menses, and more breakthrough bleeding is very troubling. It is likely that perimenopause is in full swing -- yet the additional days of bleeding has truly been since the cream has been applied. The more hopeful reason is that my body is adjusting and that the cream will help alleviate my hard to manage periods. At the age of 46, there is a good chance I will breakthrough to my clothes even when highly prepared with coverage. It is quite frustrating.

As you probably imagine, my iron is extremely low and a problem that I address by taking supplements. I also take vitamins.

Since taking the cream I have felt good. I have had moments where I felt an old familiar glance of being in my 20s/30s from a hormone perspective. My skin looks good, I feel a more youthful energy, I look generally better... My skin is also not as dry and my breasts are a bit tender. I don't have any vaginal dryness or other menopausal symptoms outside of the occasional night sweats and anxiety (but who am I kidding - the anxiety is not new).I also seem to lose a good bit of hair -- and always have. Luckily I have been blessed with thick hair but I am worried. I obviously can't keep going at this rate.

I had a revelation today that perhaps cutting back on grains (all grains, potatoes, and legumes) might be the next thing I should try. I am also not giving up on Progesterone cream but would like a sanctify check. I am applying about 150-200 MGs a day. I am open to all ideas. Is there a way to apply more natural progesterone to ensure I am getting the highest amount regularly? I have read the page about the different options but I really want to educate myself on the best way. In the summer right now, I am a bit of a sticky mess. :)

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Jun 01, 2015
Spotting / Heavy but regular menstruation
by: Wray

Hi Klynk I'm pleased the progesterone is helping you. Please have a look at our page on Menstruation. towards the end is a protocol which stops/slows down, heavy and/or continual bleeding. Please consider taking it. We also have a page on Peri-menopause and Menopause. And these on Hot Flushes, Anxiety, and Hair Loss. Excellent idea to give up the sweet, starchy carbs like grains, legumes, potatoes etc. Maybe you'd like to look through the following web sites here, here, here and here. You are using two progesterone creams, Natpro is double the strength of the ProGest, so please ensure you use double the amount of cream when using the ProGest. Unless you buy a compounded cream, the Natpro is one of the highest strengths on the market. If you go for the compounded, please check ingredients, they're not really concerned about the safety of the ingredients. Please check your Vitamin D levels, it could be they are too low. A lack of this vitamin reduces the benefits of progesterone. Magnesium is an essential too, it's the major co-factor for vitamin D. Take care Wray

Jun 09, 2015
by: Klynk

Thanks so much for writing back. I am feeling depressed. I have had bright red blood and clots now for 9 days. I have been extending my heavy period out to 7-10 days over the last few months of using the progesterone cream but it always was a little spotting with a few days of heavy bleeding. While this month it is not "as heavy" it is fairly heavy and bright read now 9 days in a row despite about 200ml of natural progesterone a day. I have been alternating creams and measuring to ensure "enough" but I am starting to feel depressed. If the blood lessens, it comes back again. As mentioned, my periods have been "heavy" most of my life and long...yet regular. I think I am in denial and desperately want to get things under control but maybe this the final, uncontrollable end approaching of my dreaded periods. I'm not sure which is worse to accept - no more periods or continuing along this way? I did read the section on Menstruation with the recommendations for Taurine and Bioflavonoids. I will be picking these up today. I try to sit in the natural sun everyday for Vitamin D but will get some in supplement form as well.

Jun 10, 2015
by: Anonymous

I am finding that the natpro with a higher concentration of progesterone flakes off more than the whole foods brand. I am worried about absorption. Could I have gotten a bad lot?

Aug 28, 2015
by: Lori

I too have had heavy bleeding started natpro my periods have been very light its amazing except i am spotting everyday for two months now. The more I increase cream the more I spot. I am doing all the protocals. Just frustrated with my body

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