spotting enture luteal phase

by Ana
(Durham, NC, USA)

I am 34 years old. I have had two healthy, successful pregnancies.

In January of 2016 when my cycles returned after breastfeeding my now almost 3 year old full time, I started spotting for my ENTIRE luteal phase. Literally, from the day after ovulation until I got my period. It is not a heavy bleed, just spotting on and off all day and my periods are not particularly heavy either, they last 5 days. I also feel very irritable and was having major anxiety right around ovulation time.

I started NatPro about a month ago after using Progesterall for about a month before that. I started NatPro at 200mg/day and my anxiety subsided, I have lots more patience and I am all around a happier person, thank you!

However my spotting is still here. About a week ago (the day after ovulation) I upped my dose to 400mg/day and I thought for sure this cycle I would not spot and it's here. The amount is less than it was before, but it is still here. On the lower dose of NatPro and when I was using the Progesterall the spotting was red, but since going to 400mg/day the spotting is dark red/brown. I know I probably have not given my body enough time to adjust to the new dose, but I am wondering if I should take the NatPro through my cycle without breaks for about 2-3 months as suggested to other people with similar issues? Or If it would be best for me to take it from ovulation until my period?

I should add that I am taking a multi vitamin and 5,000 IU of Vitamin D3 daily. I use the LH ovulation predictor strips monthly and I do have an LH surge around the 9th or 10th day of my cycle (so I am assuming that I am ovulating). My cycles are pretty regular, around 25 days and my luteal phase is about 13/14 days.

I took a saliva test before I started applying any cream at all and my Progesterone level was a 65 pg/ml and my Progesterone to Estrogen ratio was an 81.

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Dec 01, 2017
Spotting enture luteal phase
by: Joy

Hi Ana

You came to me via email with this as well. I have replied to you via email. If not received, please check your junk folder.

Take care.

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