Split the dose into an AM and PM application?

by Erin
(Washington state)

I tried a progest/estrogen cream my naturopath prescribed for me last year and gained so much weight so fast I freaked out and stopped using it. She'd never heard of that as a side effect, but after reading this fabulous site I understand and am better prepared to 'deal' with it if I should have a similar reaction.
That said I'm using a higher amount of progest than I tried last time, and my question is this:
I am using a scant1Tsp of Natpro, all at night....Wray suggests an AM and PM application. Does that mean I should split the 1 teaspoon into 2 applications of one 1/2 teaspoon then....or two 1 teaspoon doses. I know I sound like a dumbbell but I want to get it right!
Thank you :)

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Aug 31, 2015
Dose split
by: Diane

Splitting the dose to at least twice daily, AM & PM is very important. The KEY is making sure your dose is high enough.. I dont know what 1 tsp means as far as mg. You need to be using a minimum of 100-200mg daily. Im on 300mg. If your P dose is too low it can tickle estrogen dominant response, hence the weight gain amongst other symptoms. Read about estrogen dominance on this web site. Also, have your D checked. Your lab value needs to be at 80 and above for optimal hormone health. Vit D functions like a pre hormone and makes all your other hormones work optimally. Wish you the best.

Aug 31, 2015
Split the dose?
by: Erin

Thank you for the advice :)
I use 1 tsp = 160-170 mg of Progesterone, so I wasn't sure if I should apply the entire amount 2 TIMES a day or split it into two applications. I believe that if I split it into 2 applications I should be ok. Once I have done that for a few weeks I can assess if the amount is ok, or too little....fingers crossed this time it's not going to be the weight gainer it was for me!

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