Source Naturals Progesterone not working . . .

by Harriet

I've been on Source Naturals Progesterone for about 2 cycles. I'm 63 years old and in post menopause. I had a laproscopic hysterectomy in 2002; I have one ovary. My question is after less than 2 cycles, it's not really working any more. I have been using 1/2 tsp. 2x day. I have ordered Natpro from this site hoping it will work. I have read that it stops working because I'm too saturated with progesterone? Should I wait a while to begin with Natpro?

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Nov 30, 2011
Source Naturals Progesterone not working . . .
by: Wray

Hi Harriet There's no need to wait if you change creams, the active ingredient is the same. I suspect it wasn't that the SNP wasn't working, but that Oestrogen Dominance kicked in. The 1 tsp you were using was giving you about 80mg/day progesterone. I recommend 100-200mg/day or more, so this could be another reason. I've found too low an amount is not as effective. As for the saturated tissues, I've been using it for 15 years now, so has the naturopath who runs our Saliva Tests for us. Neither of us have found it's benefits wane, or that we have to take a long break from it, or that we have to keep increasing the amount we use to get the same effect! I have only found one paper to date which backs up my argument, see here. It states…" Despite the low serum progesterone levels achieved with the creams, salivary progesterone levels are very high, indicating that progesterone levels in serum do not necessarily reflect those in tissues." If the fatty tissues were indeed saturated, and little progesterone was 'escaping', the study would have found the reverse, i.e. low saliva levels. The aim we are all trying to achieve is to feel well, which she does, so do I and so do her patients. I doubt if this would stand up in a court of law, but it satisfies me! Take care Wray

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