Sortof fed up

by Valerie
(Layton Utah )

Since September I have been taking bio identical hormones.

I started out with higher than normal estrogen and since taking progesterone my estrogen has tripled? Isn't it supposed to help lower my estrogen?

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Jan 19, 2017
Sort of fed up
by: Joy

Hi Valerie

You do not state what progesterone delivery method you are using, how much or your age. You state that you are taking progesterone which to me indicates an oral method. If this is the case then 96% of that progesterone is being destroyed by the gut and liver. Please read...

Delivery Method

Jan 19, 2017
DIM & Calcium-D-Glucarate & VIT C
by: jayem

So sorry - sometimes there is resistance to progesterone supplementation and if you read on this site you'll see recommendations to up the progesterone to overtake the estrogen (not sure how much you were taking) Also, not sure of other variables such as stage of life, health situation, etc etc

Regardless, to "clean slate" the estrogen, here's a protocol i've passed along previously, but always check in w/your doc, a certified herbalist, or other trusted health professional, and of course do your own research and trust your gut -

This is a 6 month protocol, then reassess/pull blood again

Calcium-D Glucarate 500mg, 3x daily (daily total = 1,500 mg)

DIM 100`150mg, 3x daily (daily total = 300-400mg)

VIT C 500mg, 3x daily (daily total = 1,500mg)

Take DIM, wait/set timer for 20-30 mins, take CDG and Vit C (together), and FLUSH with a liter of water (drink within 45 mins)

CDG has approximately 5-8 hour working window.

So CDG is something ALL MAMMALS and some plants make to mitigate hormone imbalances naturally (to help propagate the species). It works on all steroid hormones. The issue is we have not evolved, thus far, to make enough CDG to handle the false-hormone load (endocrine disruptors) we are exposed to today. So supplementing CDG to mitigate estrogen dominance makes a lot of sense (to me).

DIM (from cruciferous vegetables) goes into the liver, kicks the xeno estrogen out thru a safe pathway, and into the blood stream. Then, the CDG comes thru, grabs it up and sends it out of the body via the urine. The Vit C is a precaution and a preventative, helping to safely usher the toxic/xeno esetrogen, lessening the side effects (your moving a LOT of estrogen with this protocol, and you want to avoid any PMS symptoms, which is why VIT is added)

BUT either before, or during, starting any protocol, DEFINITELY research estrogen dominance specific to your life stage and follow advice regarding elimination of xeno estrogens from your toiletries, cleaning products, etc etc ...

xeno estrogens coming thru the skin BY PASS your liver, so even if your liver is in Olympic Athlete condition, it can't help you until the xeno e's are circulating in the blood stream ... best to find out where they are coming in, and "close that door" - we have enough to worry about with internal imbalances and fluctuations ... best of luck !!

warm wishes, jayem

Jan 19, 2017
by: Anonymous

Hi! When you first start using progesterone cream, it does "activate" the estrogen part which is normal and also why a higher amount of progesterone cream must be used to counterbalance this effect. However, you don't mention why you started using the progesterone to begin with and how much you are using. With that said ..I strongly suggest you to use a supplement called CALCIUM D-GLUCARATE to help your body detox and get rid of any excess estrogen you may have and see if it helps with any issues you suffer from to begin with.

If that helps but not completely or not at all, then and only then progesterone cream should be added. Vitamin D3, magnesium glycinate, malate or chloride and a good multivitamin can also be added to bring your body back into balance. I've personally used calcium d-glucarate 2-3 times/week with good results so it's about trial and error for what works with your body. good luck

Jan 20, 2017
oops - edit :)
by: jayem

... "daily total" for DIM should read 300-450, not 400...

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