by Lakshmi

Its been 5 years since i got married and i have not concieved even once till now.
I got IUI done on Feb 4th and I was adviced to take Susten 200 mg - Vaginal(1-0-1) for 20 days. I have completed my cource of tablet and periods have not yet started. but sometimes i see spots of blood in my panties. i got urinal test done at home and it came out to be negetive. Please let me know whether i have concieved or is there any other problem.

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Feb 26, 2012
by: Wray

Hi Lakshmi If the test came out negative then you won't be pregnant. But a home test is not very reliable, it's best you speak to your doctor. Please have a vitamin D test done, more often than not this is the only reason women don't ovulate. I take it they checked for PCOS? We do have a page on Pregnancy, please read through it, it will give you an idea of how progesterone should be used. Take care Wray

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