So happy to have found this thread!!!!

Hi everyone! I'm 33, finished nursing my third child at the end of December. I was waiting for my period to start once my milk dried up but instead I got my first ever grand mal on Jan-15..and my period the next day.

CT and MRI clear. Bloodwork/sugar fine


Grand mal with a concussion. All bloodwork fine. Started lamotrigine. Ovulation?

EEG-low waves in temporal lobe


No period, no seizure

Apr-29, May-22, Jun-27

Meds raised and period within two days following seizures


No period, no seizure


14 days after, period. Ovulation? Added Vimpat.


No seizure, no period


Seizure. No period yet but counting to 14....Ovulation?

All seizures also occurred shortly after eating but I haven't been able to find a common food.

Like all you wonderful ladies, getting help from the doctor is near impossible. I've brought up my concerns and I know the most important part is getting control of the seizures. I feel like I'm being treated as a cookie cutter case. Just a number after the number ahead of me. That because this is how the doctor has treated patients with seizures, epileptic or not, that this is the only way to treat them. Not working with any patient based on their unique situation. Saying it's epilepsy although there's no family history our previous trauma of any kind. Not willing to do any tests other than the first big three because 'you only get those three tests'. How is that? I don't like these meds. They make everything feel flat/two dimensional/fake. Knowing someone but not remembering how you know them and what relationship you share. Alice in wonderland moments. Searching for words. Anxious and panicky all the time waiting for the next seizure to happen but they never happen when you're waiting for them. When you think you're doing so well and that you're starting to feel like the upped meds are working and you're living again and not just existing; to get slammed back to the ground and having to start all over again. Like many of you I have small children. I also have a myriad of adult sitters and chauffeurs. No driving. No dance, swimming or gymnastics until I can drive. I feel like a burden.

Finding this thread after months of looking for some kind of connection. Some reason that this is happening do suddenly. You've all helped so much. Just reading your experiences has been a comfort. I believe that this started from when I finished nursing. That the hormones just went haywire. There's a pattern and to know that it could be a few things is fantastic.

So sorry for the run on and lack of punctuation. I am just very excited. Thanks for reading and I hope you all find a solution. I'll keep you updated.

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Oct 17, 2016
So happy to have found this thread!!!!
by: Wray

Hi there It's so puzzling, even after 20 years of doing this work, that the doctors are still just giving drugs, not mentioning patterns, no mention of food. So many women suddenly get seizures, out of the blue it seems, that I did a page on it…..
It's called catamenial epilepsy. There is a pattern and it is tied to our cycles, food plays a role too. You say you can't find a 'common food', it's sugar/glucose. Your blood glucose is dropping too quickly after eating, avoid all carbs. Please consider eating a keto diet, it was first devised for epilepsy for which it is very successful. I feel if you do this, plus follow the advice we have on the Epilepsy page, you won't need drugs anymore. Here are some really worthwhile sites to read or listen to, many are videos, that explain the keto diet……
The keto diet reduces glucose levels to the barest minimum, and the body uses ketones for energy. It's a very high fat, moderate to low protein and very low carb diet. Only the good fats should be used, i.e. MCT oil, coconut oil, butter, cocoa butter, olive oil or macadamia oil. The first four are saturated fats, the other two mono-unsaturated fats. The best is the MCT oil, an extract from coconut oil. The body converts the fatty acid into ketones, in fact the brain does better on these than glucose. MCT oil forms ketones more efficiently than the other oils.

Take care Wray

Oct 17, 2016
So happy to have found this thread!!!!
by: Anonymous

It's funny that you mention the keto diet! I have been eating keto since May. Less than 20g total carbs a day. I even have a meter to measure ketone levels. I would recommend keto to anyone.The intensity of the seizures have decreased but it would be nice to know without a doubt. I don't like being on the meds. They make me feel detached. Thank you so much for all the legwork that you've done! I will be reading all day and be taking it to my Neuro. It would be nice if the doctors would listen completely.

Thanks again.

Oct 18, 2016
So happy to have found this thread!!!!
by: Wray

Hi there I'm delighted to hear you have been following the keto diet since May. You say it has helped, but not fully. Here's hoping it's nothing more than hormones affecting you, and that all you need is progesterone. I'd be interested to hear what your neuro has to say, as doctors are usually scathingly dismissive of progesterone! Take care Wray

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