so frustrated

About two months ago I started my period and kept bleeding. I finally went to see a doctor who told me I had Trichamonas which can cause bleeding. I was put on the treatment to take care of the infection and also progesterone to take care of the excessive bleeding. It seemed everything had cleared up and was blood free for four days.

After that spotting every day. I'm not sure if I still have trich because I haven't been back to doctor yet and I am so confused on how to take the progesterone. I was told take it until I start my cycle go off for three days and then start again. The problem is I never stop bleeding so I have no idea when I actually start my period. I'm cramping now and kind of moody so I'm guessing its my actual cycle but I have never stopped bleeding.

Should I increase dosage? Already taking 300mg a night. I know I need to go back to doctor regarding check for trich but Im just so frustrated and tired of going to the doctor. Someone please help.

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