so confused....

by dollface4
(United States)

I had an early miscarriage (at 6-7 weeks) 7 years ago when I was 19. I am now 26. My husband and I have been married for 4 years and recently decided to start trying. I have been on and off BC a few times over the past 4 years. I recently got off in May and went for a full check-up in June to make sure everything was okay.

Well I was expecting my period on August 9, but was late. On August 11, I took two pregnancy test and they came up with very faint positives. I decided to take a digital one and it also came up positive. I was very excited, but also very scared. Just to be cautious, on August 12, I took another digital test and it came up negative. I was so upset! I started bleeding a few hours later and had quite a painful period with several clots. I have been experiencing swollen breasts and severe moods. I have always been quite a moody person with depressive episodes, which have usually led me to believe that I may have a case of slight bi-polar disorder. These past few weeks I have also had sweats at night.

I recently saw my dr. who believes that I may have low progesterone and quite possible suffered a chemical pregnancy. She ordered me to have blood work done on day 26 of my cycle to see where I am at and plans to prescribe progesterone cream. I am nervous about that as she tells me to take it day 12-26 of my cycle. I do not want this to stop me from ovulating as I desperately want a child! She said she can prescribe me the cream for my obvious PMS symptoms, but that is unfortunately is common for a woman to have 3 miscarriages. I am confused as to what to do. I certainly feel I do suffer from a hormonal imbalance. My periods are very regular, every 30 days and have always been. I want to use the cream if it will help sustain my pregnancy early on, but am afraid it will stop me from ovulating which I do not want whatsoever!

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Aug 18, 2011
by: Annette Canada

Hello there. I was on bcp for 15 years and have suffered dearly for it. I'm 39 and 2 years ago I had a preterm baby at 29 weeks. Most horrific experience ever. I would strongly encourage you to deal with your estrogen dominance first. I would go on Natpro for about 6 months and don't cycle it. Taking minimum 400 milligrams a day. If you cycle it it will only take longer to get balanced. Unborn babies suffer with mothers who have high levels of estrogen especially from bcp. They will also have high amounts of estrogen. If you sacrificed that time to get your body right first you and your baby will have a beautiful experience. Not to mention a very healthy baby. Also start taking 5000 iu's of vitamin d very crucial for the baby as well as you. I have been on Natpro for 7 months at very high doses trying to get my body right.

I'm just starting to feel better now. It has been a journey for me so be patient and allow yourself sometime to get your body right. Just sharing hoping to maybe save you from some trying times.

Aug 18, 2011
Everything will be fine
by: CamperKat

It's easy to say "don't worry"...but...don't worry! Progesterone cream will not stop you from ovulating any more than your body's own natural progesterone.

Your MD believes your problem is (although s/he may not have used these words) estrogen dominance, which means you have so much estrogen that it is overwhelming your progesterone levels. That's why the Rx for progesterone cream. You will be given specific instructions for its use...basically you will follow the rhythm of your own cycles and use progesterone daily at whatever amount your MD prescribes, and when you get your period, you stop for "x" amount of days.

That's all! The cream will bring up your progesterone levels to be more in balance with your estrogen, your mood swings will even out (so many women think they are "mentally imbalanced" when in reality they are "hormonally imbalanced"--which makes you feel crazy!) You are smart to be starting to use progesterone cream now, and you will benefit from it in many ways over the prevents osteoporosis, breast cancer, thyroid problems and a host of other things. When you get older (like in another 5 years) look in the books by Dr. John Lee to see all he says about the benefits. Do be aware that because he passed in 2003, that the amounts of cream he suggests are very low. Listen to what Wray Whyte of this site says, and you will be fine.

And while it's true that most women lose about 3 pregnancies very early on before they have a healthy baby, this is normal. Yes, it is difficult to go through, but you must work to keep an even head about this. How? Think of it like when you start to date someone. You take it slow and don't give yourself over right away. So with a "chemical pregnancy", don't allow yourself to completely "fall in love" until you hear a heartbeat...and then, give your love about 50%...and then after you hit the first week of the second trimester--make your announcements and start planning. Virtually all miscarriages occur before the second trimester, which is why most women make no announcements until they are in the 3rd or 4th month.

You are young, you are healthy--and the progesterone will help you to live a very long and lovely life.

Much luck!

Aug 19, 2011
so confused....
by: Wray

Hi Dollface I can't add more to what Annette and CamperKat have put, they are always so supportive of me, plus giving excellent advice. Both have been through the mill trying to get right, it can take time, so please give it time. We do have a page on Pregnancy, which explains the in's and out's of progesterone use before, during and after giving birth. Please look through it. And please have a vitamin D test done, it's such an important nutrient for ovulation, a successful pregnancy, and vital for the growth of the foetus. A lack of both vitamin D and progesterone causes miscarriages. For more info see the Vitamin D Council, GrassrootsHealth and Birmingham Hospital websites. You might like to see these excellent videos too, see here and here. And as Annette suggests, please take a minimum of 5000iu's per day. Take care Wray

Aug 19, 2011
Annette and CamperKat
by: Wray

Bless you both once again for your compassionate and sound advice! Take care Wray

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