Skin pigmentation

by P

I've recently come off the contraceptive pill, due to awful skin pigmentation, so I've been recommended to use the serenity cream, will this cream, trigger off the pigmentation again :(

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Sep 09, 2014
Skin pigmentation
by: Wray

Hi P If your pigmentation is due to the Contraceptive pill, then the progesterone will help. The dark patches are melasma. Excess oestrogen stimulates melanocytes, these make melanin, the pigmentation in all skin types, see here, here, here and here. Contraceptives can cause it, and it's often a sign of adrenal stress too. Progesterone can help resolve the problem, as it suppresses the excess oestrogen and it takes the strain off the adrenals. These make progesterone before they can convert it into cortisol, one of our stress hormones. Stress drops progesterone levels, thereby allowing oestrogen to dominate. There seems a possibility that vitamin D might help, see this rather obscure paper here. It wouldn't surprise me if further work was carried out, to find it's caused by a deficiency of it, as it seems most of our problems are. Maybe you could have a test done to find your level. A lack of it reduces the benefits of progesterone anyway. I found this fascinating paper, on the ability of diosgenin to inhibit melanogenesis, see here. As you know diosgenin is one of the precursor plant sterols for progesterone. Take care Wray

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