Six miscarriages

by Adekunmi
(Lagos, Nigeria)

I got married at 29 years of age, blood type A Rhesus negative. By age 30 I became pregnant & lost it at 16 weeks, despite the cervical sticth that I had on. I was diagonised to be anemic, prone to malaria, and had a short cervice/incompetent cervice.

This trend continued until I left my marriage in 2001. In 2003 I made another attempt, it was the same story. I need to add that I saw the best doctors in Nigeria, attended very good hospitals and was always on complete bed rest.

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May 20, 2009
Six miscarriages
by: Wray

Hi Adekunmi. I'm sorry to hear of all your problems. If all the miscarriages were in the first 16 weeks of pregnancy, it could well be a shortage of progesterone. Was the level ever checked? A short cervix does cause problems too, but studies have found progesterone is of great assistance if this is the case. Here are links to two research papers... First / Second

We do have a web page on pregnancy you might care to look at

Take care, Wray.

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