Sinus type symptoms

I've been taking progesterone predominantly for monthly intense migraines. Since beginning the therapy, my migraines have relieved considerably, almost diminished. However, I've now been experiencing sinus type problems, i.e. head/face pressure, pain across the nose, sneezing, watery eyes on certain days, and sometimes on waking a blocked nose, however this seems to clear fairly quickly (I have had sinus type problems previously, however, it has seemed to increase considerably since taking progesterone).

I'm currently taking 50mg a day on the correct days and have been for the last 3 months. Prior to this, I was taking 100mg, however, backed off to 50mg due to the symptoms mentioned above. I'm not sure if this was the right thing to do or whether I should have carried on with 100mg. Please could you give me your opinion/advice... Thank you.

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Oct 06, 2009
Sinus type symptoms
by: Wray

I'm glad the progesterone has helped you. The nose, sinuses etc have a great many oestrogen receptors, these have probably been activated by the progesterone. This can occur in many women when first using progesterone, or when the amount used is increased. It can take time before the progesterone finally suppresses the excess oestrogen.

You mention taking the progesterone, I would suggest you try a cream instead and rub it over your nose and sinus areas. For the migraines rubbing it on the neck and face are the best places. The amount used should be between 100-200mg/day, this is the amount used in successful studies. Take care, Wray

Sep 20, 2010
sinus symptoms
by: Anonymous

Stress is mainly one of the reason for the sinus. Sinus can be very difficult to handle if not taken the proper actions and remedies.
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