Since I started puberty all my problems started

by Gioia

Hello! I am 17 years old and I got my period at 14. Since then I started to suffer of severe allergies to pollen that even took me to the hospital for anaphylaxis reaction. I gained so much weight and I am not be able to drop it. I have always sugar cravings. I have irregular and painful period. I started to look natural remedies and try to understand what was going on. I learnt Vit D is crucial to feel better so I start the supplementation and now my Vit D is 160. I did the saliva test and found that my hormones are unbalanced with very high Oestregen and testosterone predominance. I started supplementing with progesterone 400mg at night time and after one week I was in hospital with severe pain in my abdominal area. They found endometriosis on my colon but uterus and ovaries were fine. I stopped progesterone but I am always in pain and my tummy is very tight. It is a nightmare. I can't do anything. I am reading that is important to keep going with progesterone to solve this problem. What it could be the right dose?
Thank you for you attention.

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Jun 16, 2015
by: Diane

Hi there~ This is the page on endometriosis from this website. It is very informative. You need to split your dose. So if you use 300mg daily, then rub on 150mg am and 150mg pm. Or 100mg 3 times daily. I wish you well.

Jun 22, 2015
Progesterone takes a while for me to take over
by: Gioia

Thank you Diane for your suggestion. Actually, I started to feel little bit better splitting the dose! I still have chronic pain though. Is there any supplement I can take to get rid of the pain and help the progesterone to take over quicker? Thank you.

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