Similar Symptoms to Pregnancy!

by Cathy

Hello ladies. I wrote a few weeks ago asking about VitD and I described an Anxiety episode I had while driving. I have continued to take the Vit D and magnesium and also added a B complex.

I am 39 and have started charting my menstrual cycles to pay more attention at whats going on. I noticed that the worst symptoms are not before the menstruation but around the time of ovulation. For the last two cycles I have had serious bloating and nausea with lots of salivation just like while I was pregnant. My pregnancies were hard with the nausea an excessive salivation (I had to carry a towel with me all the time to spit) even while taking Zofran (ondansetron) all through the prenancy. Right now I am in the days around ovulation.

Yesterday again I had a very hard time driving, anxiety again. When I got home I was very bloated and nauseated. Ate something and got worst with lots of salivation, just as if I was pregnant (which I am not). Things did not get better until I was able to fall asleep. I am like nothing happened in the morning. I felt the same bloated and nauseated last menstrual cycle, so much that I thought I had a stomach virus. This symptoms only occur in the evening and last for 3 or 4 days around ovulation. I will observe how things go this cycle but I am pretty sure it will be the case... Having the same symptoms as with my pregnancy do make me thing this is completely hormonal. I got saliva tests back and Estrogen is normal and Progesterone is low. But what is puzzling is that it is at the time of ovulation instead of right before I start bleeding.

What are your thoughts? This is so strange... Thanks for being there!

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Jan 28, 2017
Similar symptoms to pregnancy!
by: Anonymous

It's really not that odd if you think about it. You say you are 39, which means you are probably in peri-menopause..which means you have stopped ovulating with every cycle. That would be enough to cause symptoms when you should be ovulating-no progesterone is being made to balance your estrogen. I had this problem after my second baby. I was plagued with ovarian cysts, extreme nausea. Basically all the first trimester symptoms. Here I am three years later still trying to figure this hell out. All I can say, and I don't mean to be harsh, is that all the information you need is on this site. Wray has given us the information, now we just need to educate ourselves. I really recommend reading through everything. Read the research papers sited. Search the forums. You're not the first with these problems. And no one is going to give you a magic answer. You are now your own best tool at getting healthy again. Good luck.

Feb 11, 2017
Similar Symptoms to Pregnancy!
by: Joy

Hi Cathy

You first posted your symptoms around mid December 2016. I am yet to receive a reply from you regarding Magnesium. See the post here...

Please could I ask you to keep one thread going as it makes it easier knowing what my reply to you was without having to search the website. Many thanks. :)

How much progesterone are you using and are you using it every day as suggested? Progesterone is needed when in luteal phase when progesterone levels are low which is what is probably the causing the nausea. The same applies to pregnant women experiencing nausea, more progesterone is needed to help with it. I suggest using more progesterone during this time if you are using it. If not, please consider it as it will help you.

As mentioned in my previous post and as Anonymous said, you are in Peri-Menopause, did your read all the pages that I gave you to read? Your monthly cycle will become erratic which will affect ovulation. Normal test results for Estrogen and Progesterone will not help me or you. Doctors or labs should actually give you the ratio between the two. It is the ratio that is important. Do you have those test results please as well as your Vitamin D3 results. This will enable me to work out your ratio which is vital.

Best wishes.

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