sick of being tired

by Jodie
(Toowoomba QLD Australia)

it happened day I feel great , the next I can barely get out of bed. I had a tortioned ovary about 7 yrs ago due to a large cyst. At the time I had been wanting to see a gynaecologist as I need some pelvic floor repair work done , so I took this opportunity to rebook and have it done , only to be asked if I wanted a hysterectomy at this time. I thought why not as I had my family and thought it would maybe save having to go back later. I also elected to have the ovary removed as I was peri-menopausal and not getting and relief from my horrendous dripping of sweat at work ...and night sweats as well . The surgery found that I had endometriosis and fibroids so it was a good decision ...I think. I was fantastic for years until earlier this year when I woke up totally exhausted and was having extreme itching at night...back mostly. Also I was dizzy and had a poor appetite. A Dr tried to blame an anti-depressant I had recently came off for these symptoms but I disagreed...I new I had to come off slowly as I had done so before and I wasn't having headaches like if I missed a dose of the anti-depressant . I went back and saw my usual GP who tested my hormones to find extremely low levels. I had been on oestradiol since the ovaries were removed and had been using wild yam cream. I now understand that it doesn't actually contain any progesterone..and the oestradiol wasn't doing much either. So I was started on bio-identical hormones which I have been taking for about 5 weeks now without much improvement.I am still extremely tired and dragging myself around, otherwise I am OK depression is great , it is just the tiredness.I also have a frozen cold face feeling most of the time that I did read could possibly be hormone related ..have you ever heard of hormones causing sensory disorders of the face . It is debilitating and I don't want surgery.Any help would be appreciated.Thank you ..Jodie Henderson .

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Jun 26, 2016
sick of being tired
by: Anonymous

From what you describe, it sounds like there is low thyroid issues, as well as adrenal fatigue. Please read information from Dr. David Brownstein about the importance of iodine and desiccated thyroid replacement. Also, low progesterone levels will affect the function of the thyroid. Increased progesterone helps warm the body, among the many other benefits of this hormone! Wray Whyte recommends between 100 - 200mg of progesterone. Please read her questions/answers on this site. You adrenals need support too. Please take a good adrenal supplement. Vitamin D3 levels are hugely important. I suggest you take a simple blood test and see if your levels are above 50ng/ml. Ideally, they should be higher. And don't forget Magnesium! It is important to have good amounts of magnesium when taking more vitamin D3. Magnesium is one of the most important minerals to take! Another important supplement is Ubiquinol, around 100mg. You say that you took progesterone for 5 weeks. I hope you haven't stopped. It's important to realize that balancing takes time. Progesterone should be taken ideally twice a day or spread out, because after 13 hours it decreases. Adjust to what suits you.
Again, please read the questions/replies on this site. Wray helped people for 20 years. I have only recently come on to this site in the past couple of months and I am finding it extremely helpful. There is a lot of information to go through so be patient. All the best to you.

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