Should I stop using progesterone cream?

by Sarah

I started using the cream in 2013. I was 49 at the time. I started because my period went on for about two months and would not stop. The progesterone cream helped greatly. The bleeding stopped after a few weeks of using the cream and the cycle became normal - every 26/27 days lasting 3/4 days.

Since Feb 2015, I have not had a period. It’s been a year. I have no other menopausal symptoms like night sweats, hot flashes, etc.

Should I stop using the cream? If yes, how do I go about the dosage? Reduce gradually?

Also, I have gained about 9lbs / 4kgs since I have stopped getting periods.

Any thoughts on why I may have gained? No change in diet and I exercise regularly.

Thanks a lot for your help.

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Feb 18, 2016
When to stop
by: Anonymous

I would also like to know this.

Feb 18, 2016
Re: Should I stop using progesterone cream?
by: J

Hi Sarah,

What dose have you been using? If it is too low, it can eventually make things worse. If you haven't read the other articles on this site yet, I suggest doing so. It is very helpful and informative!

Best regards,

Feb 19, 2016
Re: Should I stop using progesterone cream?
by: Sarah

Thanks, I plan on reading the articles. I have read only a few topics on the forum so far.

I had my blood tests done today.


Is the above range normal for me? I haven't had a period since last Feb.

I am currently applying very little (pea size) morning and night. Should I increase the dose?


Feb 23, 2016
Should I stop use progesterone cream?
by: Joy

Hi Sarah

Well that is your problem right there ….. a pea size amount. That is no where near enough progesterone and is more than likely the reason why you are putting on weight. In Menopause one usually needs 100-200mg per day provided symptoms are not too severe. However, your progesterone:estrogen (E2) ratio is alarmingly low at 8:1, it should be 600:1 or there about. Instead of stopping progesterone therapy, you need to be increasing it by quite a lot.

Another thing that is so very important is Vitamin D3 and it’s co-factors. Do you know what your level is as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone.

Please read the following pages:

Menopause -
Estrogen Dominance -
How to use Progesterone Cream -
Vitamin D3-

Feb 24, 2016
Re: Should I stop use progesterone cream?
by: Sarah

When I got my reports, I wasn't sure what the estrogen / progesterone numbers meant. Whether it was it too high or too low. The doctor was of no help. She said the numbers were normal and to enjoy life.

Thanks for the clarification and the ratio. I'm definitely going to up the dosage.

I had the d3 levels checked recently. It was 34. I have been taking 1000IU every day since last March. It was much lower before.

What would you say would be the ideal progesterone / estrogen levels? I'll keep it in mind the next time I have my blood tests done.

Off to read the links you've listed...

Thanks again.

Feb 26, 2016
Should I stop use progesterone cream?
by: Joy

Hi Sarah

Apologies I should have given you the Hormone Testing page to read. It explains what all levels should be.

Your Vitamin D3 level is very low, and nothing less than 5000iu's per day is needed as explained on the page given to you.

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