Severe dry eyes and extreme fatigue

by Inga

Hello. i am 39 years old. I have been suffering with extreme fatigue and painful dry eyes and difficuld sleeping, i always wake up after about 4 hours though i take sleeping pills alarmed and stressed. i have been to so many doctors who only wants to give me antidepressants and sleeping pills.This ha been going on for two years now. I have lost all hope that i can get better. my life is ruined. i know in my heart that this has something to do with my hormones and cortisol, but no one is listening. i did the test here and got 50%. Is it possible thar progesterone can help me?

love &light Inga from Iceland

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Mar 28, 2015
Severe dry eyes and extreme fatigue
by: Wray

Hi Inga I feel it could help you. You might like to read this study here as it gives a list of risk factors, one of which is oestrogen therapy. To my mind it doesn't necessarily have to be oestrogen therapy i.e. HRT or Contraceptives, but oestrogen from the environment, or a lack of progesterone which leads to Oestrogen Dominance. Oestrogen also causes dry mouth and nose. In it's worst form, dry eyes are called Sjogren's syndrome. It's one of those 'autoimmune' conditions which no one knows much about. Least of all what to do about it beyond palliative care. But two things stand out for me. One, the ratio between women to men is 9:1, one of the highest of all autoimmune diseases. The other is high oestrogen levels, see here. These are three more papers on Sjogren's, see here, here and here. There are many symptoms associated with Sjogren's, but a long menstrual cycle >35 days and high prolactin levels is of interest to me. Prolactin is an inflammatory hormone, and a long menstrual cycle means more oestrogen is secreted in ratio to progesterone. Oestrogen raises prolactin levels. Two of the studies found significantly higher levels of prolactin. One of the studies found a much higher prolactin:progesterone ratio than controls. Plus the oestrogen:progesterone ratio was greater, this of course is a prime example of oestrogen dominance. If you do decide to try progesterone, please use enough as too little will cause oestrogen dominance. I feel you will need about 200mg/day. Please also read our page on How to use Progesterone Cream. As you could be in early Peri-menopause, please read this page. Take care Wray

Jul 21, 2015
Dry eyes/Sjögren's syndrome
by: Alicia r

I was wondering how much cream to use for sjogrens. I have bee using 4 tsp a day and does not to be helping. What do you recommend? I am also taking vitamin d as it is low

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