Searching for Sleep

by Jennifer

I am 55 yrs. old and have had weight problems since I began my period at 13. I had Gastric Bypass surgery 9 years ago and it's been great, but since age 50 I have had problems that seem to be related to "age", "menopause" or my chemical diagnosis of depression. I have dry, itchy skin, my once thick hair is falling out and very thin. I have worked a night shift for over 30 years and about 5 years ago started having problems falling asleep and staying asleep. Over the counter sleep medications work for only a short time and even prescription medications stop working. I have become dependent on something to help me get to sleep and then staying asleep is not guaranteed.
I have been without a monthly period for well over 5 years now.
I have always had low vitamin D levels and stress is practically the name of my job! Hot flashes are a regular occurrence, whether day or night.
Recently, a co-worker told me that her MD had started her on prescription progesterone and prescription melatonin for her sleep problems. I have an appointment scheduled with my own doctor coming up and was planning on speaking with him about this combination working for me.
Now I found this website and the information here and plan to talk with my doctor about using Progesterone cream and the Tryptophan that you mentioned as well as increasing my vitamin D intake.
Perfect timing for me to find this article! I hope to have success for many different issues beside my sleep problem with these treatments!

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