Scared of Pogesterone

by Vickie


I nursed my daughter for 12 months and I actually gained more weight in those 12 months than during my pregnancy. My doctor mentioned it could be my progesterone levels.

I am extremely sensitive to hormones. I gained 100 lbs in 2 years off of birth control. After 6 years of dieting and no loss, I got off BC and lost 130 lbs.

OF course I got pregnant, gained 30 lbs and then after having my baby, I gained 40 lbs while nursing. I was dieting and exercised with no weight loss at all. I didn't start losing weight till about a year after I stopped nursing.

It has been almost 6 years. I went to see a second doctor because I suffer from ruptured cysts. My Dr. ran some tests and put me on things such as DHEA and B12. He said my body was not producing estrogen or testosterone. SO he also put me on 100 mg of progesterone for days 3 - 15 of my cycle and 200mg on days 16-26.

I am so afraid of weight gain. I have already gained 2 lbs in one month. Does this sound right? He put me on PROGESTERONE MICRONIZED.

In addition I was also put on vit d.... Is it possible that I am too sensitive to hormones such as progesterone?

I am 33 years old by the way....

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May 11, 2017
Scared of Progesterone
by: Joy


Gosh you really have had a torrid time with your weight. So many people get confused between progesterone and estrogen.

Progesterone, if used correctly will not cause weight gain, but estrogen certainly does. It is a mitogen causing fat cells to proliferate.

You have been battling with Estrogen Dominance for a long, long time.

BCP will cause weight gain too because of the estrogen. Again many people are lead to believe that BCP contains progesterone, it does not, it contains progestin which is synthetic, this now leads to weight gain.

You might like to consider the Ketogenic Diet, it helps greatly with weight issues. Also have you had your thyroid level tested, if not, please consider having tested as that can also cause weight problems

Many women suffer from weight gain after the birth of their baby. This is due to a major hormonal shift which has taken place. Progesterone levels drop after giving birth.

Cysts are caused by excess estrogen. I certainly do not agree with DHEA, it raises androgens, estrogens and prolactin, it causes cysts and can cause cancer. Please read this paper

DHEA may have a dark side. By facilitating internal production of testosterone and estrogen, supplemental DHEA could accelerate the growth of undetected prostate or breast tumors. Studies have shown higher levels of DHEA - and estrogens made from it - in people with breast cancer and endometrial cancer.

You have not been advised on how to use progesterone correctly either. It should be used for 2-6 months with no breaks at all until the body adjusts and your cycle returns to normal. Progesterone must become the dominant hormone. I suggest 200mg per day and not what you have been advised.

No women should take extra estrogen or testosterone. There are well over 100 estrogen mimics in our environment as it is, why take more. Testosterone can cause cardiovascular disease, read this paper It's simply not worth it.

Micronized Progesterone is one of those irritating phrases that is used to impress people, but means nothing. It just means it's been ground very small, i.e. down to a micron in size. If it does not contain the correct amount of progesterone concentration as Natpro does, you will battle with your weight.

I do agree with your doctor putting you on vitamin D, please make sure that it is vitamin D3 and NOT D2. A vitamin D3 deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone.

I hope that this helps to explains things a little, but please read these pages and the references:

How to use Progesterone Cream -

Estrogen Dominance -

Cysts -

Environmental Toxins –

Ketogenic Diet –

Vitamin D3 -

Magnesium -

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