Saving Maddie

by Elizabeth

I have a history of pre term deliveries. I am currently pregnant with my 4th child, but only have one living.

I delivered my daughter Emily at 19 weeks. She didn't survive. 6 months later, I was pregnant again. That baby also passed away. I now have a 17 month old son named Joshua, but I went into labor with him at 22 weeks. With this baby, whose name is Madelyn, I started labor around 16 weeks. The doctor took me off work and instead of doing a cerclage has put me on progesterone shots weekly. He said it will help keep my cervix from thinning any further.

I am just looking for information about this shot, the only problem is I forgot what the complete name of it is. I really want to know what this shot is supposed to do. Because if it works like he says, then he will truly be saving Maddie!

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Sep 01, 2010
Saving Maddie
by: Wray

Hi Elizabeth If they are progesterone they will help, although they do use other products for recurrent miscarriage. One is a synthetic progesterone called Duphaston, another is 17α-hydroxyprogesterone caproate, also a synthetic hormone. A metabolite of progesterone is sometimes used too, 17-Hydroxyprogesterone, this is natural, and increases during the third trimester. It's often called 17 OHP or 17-OH. I don't believe weekly shots are enough, progesterone drops after about 13 hrs, so should be used twice a day to keep the level up. Suppositories are often used for recurrent miscarriage, although we have had success with the cream. For more info on delivery systems please see the webpage on Progesterone application methods. You might also like to see our page on Pregnancy too. Take care Wray

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