Sandra mann

by Sandra mann
(Essex england)

I'm 70 and feel like crap all the time, can't do anything, my back hurts so bad I feel weak. I keep feeling faint, doctor doesn't know why could I take hurt and would it make me feel better?

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Oct 13, 2017
Couldn’t hurt
by: Tara

Hello, I have been using Progesterone cream for many reasons for quite some time now. I also buy it for my 84 year old mom. It’s my understanding that it has anti inflammatory effects which is why I thought it would help her and myself. I think it has helped and she also does.

Hope this helps ❤️

Oct 13, 2017
Back pain
by: Anonymous


I have estrogen dominance, and my back and neck kills me. Yes I feel like crap too. We are working to get my progesterone up and trying to get a balance. I don't know if you are taking hormone replacement, but I do suggest getting labs done on your estrogen, progesterone, testosterone, vit. D, cortisol, and get your ratio of estrogen to progesterone.

I am so estrogen dominant at 63 and yes I do HRT, but we are changing things to try and achieve balance. I did have balance for 2 days and it was wonderful. It just did not last.

I hope you can get to someone that is knowledgeable about estrogen dominance. It is not fun.

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