Saliva Test

by Monica

Hi Wray

I've just got back my results from the progest/oestrogen saliva test that I had done. I'm definitely progesterone dominant now but I think too much so! I don't really know how to read the results but progesterone is elevated 4000 oestrogen low 0.1 Progesterone/Oestrogen balance it says 40000 >100. The practitioner says I should reduce my progesterone or stop it completely. I take the progesterone most of the month breaking 3/4 days during my period. I have recently been thinking of cutting it back a bit but I'm afraid of the breast pain coming back. I feel ok, a bit groggy around my period but my main problem, which is the breast pain is as best its been in years. So I'm a bit upset and a bit confused on how to progress.


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Oct 11, 2012
Saliva Test
by: Wray

Hi Monica The 4000 is not unusual, as you'll see from the Saliva Tests we run, many of the women had this high a level. Your oestrogen does seem low. But the main concern is how are you feeling. If as you say much better than previously, then keep using it. The groggy feeling around your period is again due to oestrogen, it rises mid-luteal phase. I suggest you stay on the amount you are using, and only when you feel ready, begin reducing very slowly over a number of weeks. Let me know how you get on. Take care Wray

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