Saliva test report

by Jennifer

Hello Wray,

It is Jennifer again, I and my husband have just received our saliva tests.

I am 43 years old, my saliva test:
Progesterone 15920 pg/ml
Estradiol 1,6 pg/ml
Estriol 11,9 pg/ml

I did this test on 22th Jan. 2013 early morning and my ovaluation was on 13th Jan. 2013, my period came on 27th Jan. 2013.

My husband is 52 years old, and his saliva test
Progesterone 8141 pg/ml
Estradiol 1,1 pg/ml
Testosteron 76,9 pg/ml

We started to use Progesterone around 24 of Dec. 2012, my husband use 10mg per day, and I use 100mg to 200mg per day.

We do not know if we should take progesterone any more?
Is my Ostradiol too low? should I use ostrdiol as well?
Would you please give us your suggestion. Thanks! Jennifer

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Feb 01, 2013
Saliva Test Report
by: Jennifer

Hello Wray,
I forgot to mention that we stopped using progesterone cream 24 hours before the test.
By the way, I am actually 44 years old, not 43. Jennifer

Feb 01, 2013
Saliva test report
by: Wray

Hi Jennifer Well your progesterone is reading higher than normal, understandable as you are supplementing. Your oestradiol is normal, and your estriol is slightly high. But as that is a safe oestrogen it's nothing to worry about. Your husband's progesterone is high for the same reason, his oestradiol is within range and his testosterone too, see ZRT Laboratory Saliva Reference Ranges. Your progesterone levels are nothing to worry about. The main thing is do you feel well on it. You could stop it and see how you feel. But if you do this, please reduce by no more than 20mg/reduction, staying on this amount for a few days before reducing further. Progesterone is very safe, see this page here. Take care Wray

Feb 02, 2013
Saliva test report
by: Jennifer

Hello Wray,

Thank you for your helpful reply.

There are more items tested as below: (Tested in the early morning before breakfast.)

My husband
Cortisol 5770 pg/ml
DHEA 122 pg/ml

My test
Cortisol 4639 pg/ml
DHEA 152 pg/ml
Testosteron 26.9 pg/ml

According to the German standard, the above items are all in the normal range. However, according to the ZRT saliva reference ranges, our DHEA are too low.

Should we inclease our DHEA?
Is there any way to increase our DHEA level? I read that DHEA supplements cause some side effects.

By the way, our progesteron level are sky high, Does it indicate that the progesteron cream is not used well by our body? (The same concern was also mentioned in the post of "please help my mother".)


Feb 03, 2013
Saliva test report
by: Wray

Hi Jennifer I don't believe any woman should take DHEA, as it only produces male hormones, see here, here, here and here. Safe for a man, but if your levels are in the normal range why do anything. There doesn't seem to be a set standard around the world for all the tests. So it's best to stick to one standard, in your case the German one. They are generally extremely good. I went into your high progesterone levels in my previous reply above. Do you feel well or not. Try stopping it and see what happens. You could have a blood test done and you'll see your levels are not sky high. We do have a page on Hormone Testing you could look through. Take care Wray

Feb 09, 2013
Saliva test report
by: Jennifer

Hello Wray,

Here is my update.
10 days before saliva test I increased progeterone to between 120mg and 300mg. (because of my breast pain,and lower abdominal discomfort,lower back pain, oral ulcer)
After the saliva test 22th Jan. until 27th Jan.(the day my period came), I kept using progesterone from 120mg to 250mg. The symptomes like breast pain, lower abdominal discomfort (gas),lower back pain and even oral ulcer did not go away, even though my progesterone saliva level was around 15920 pg/ml.
I stopped using progesterone when my period came, my breast pain and oral ulcer were gone after period, but I still have lower abdominal discomfort and lower back pain until today.

What I do not understand is, why I have still symptones, even though my level was around 15920 pg/ml? I wonder whether progesterone is not for me. Jennifer

Feb 10, 2013
Saliva test report
by: Wray

Hi Jennifer As I said previously, supplementing with progesterone would show high levels in a saliva test. All the women on this site using 400mg/day and above would also have high levels too. But they are beginning to see the benefits, it's not a quick fix. It can take 3, 6 or even 12 months to get results. The body cannot possibly 'use up' all the progesterone immediately. You haven't been using it for long. If you are yo-yoing between 120 to 300mg/day this could account for the fact your symptoms still bother you. It's essential to find the optimum amount and stick to this. Coming down from 300mg/day to 120mg/day should have taken you about a month to do, you've barely been using it for a month. Are you reducing this slowly? I also said to you stop the progesterone and see how you feel, I'm not forcing you to use it. I can only advise on the symptoms I'm given by an individual, there could be mitigating factors I'm not aware of. So please stop using it and let me know how you get on. Take care Wray

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