Saliva or Blood test?

by Lorraine

Dear Progesterone Therapy

I know you answer questions about general use of progesterone creams in addition to just using Natpro. I've been wanting to use Natpro but it seems to be out of stock every time I try to purchase a tube.

In the meantime, I'm using a compounded version of progesterone cream prescribed by my doctor and its 50mg a pump. I use between 2-3 pumps a day depending on my symptoms.

I originally had a saliva hormonal test which determined that I was low in progesterone. Since then, I've been blood tested twice and I continue to show that I'm low.

However, the compounding pharmacist told me that blood tests do not give an accurate reading for progesterone levels when using a cream. The best way to measure progesterone would be via a saliva test. However, those tests cost at least $240.

Is she just trying to get me to spend more money or this true? Should I be saliva tested to get an accurate account?

I also have another question. A nurse practitioner I've seen told me that she was a little concerned about my using so much progesterone on a daily basis. She said that it could lead to atypical PAP smears and that I should monitor this carefully. Well, guess what? After years of getting very normal/perfect PAP smears, and I've been on progesterone for about a year now, my PAP smear came back atypical. Connection?

Thank you

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Jun 17, 2016
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by: Letitia


Jun 17, 2016
Saliva or Blood test?
by: RJ

Hello Lorraine!
If this is the same person I have been writing to on another post I just want to say that all your troubles may be related to the compound that is coming from your doctor. Watch out for the preservatives and other additives that are in those compounds. And a pump here and there each day is causing your body to be in a constant estrogen state and could be possibly causing all your symptoms. Now, if this is not the same woman, I apologize and would also recommend using only natural progesterone with no preservatives and increasing the dosage. And saliva is the best indicator whether you take an oral version, which is the least effective, or a cream. Do a google search for labs who perform those tests and you may find one a bit cheaper, but that is the going rate for the test. God Bless! RJ

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