Robyn H

by Robyn H
(Boston, MA)

Hello there.
I have been taking Progesterone for 1 year - compound pharmacy prescription. 50MG cream "topi-click" days 12-24. It is a miracle cream - not 1 migrane - no night sweats and improved attitude all around. I ran out - did not have time to go to the doctor's to get checked and refill so for 1 month I missed taking it. Low and behold - 3 migranes a week are back and night sweats - miserable again. Went to the doc - back on cream - getting better now.

My questions are: Could I have gone to the nearest Walgreens and picked up some Pro Gest. Would it have worked the same? Can I just cut out the doctor and monitor myself? I know all about the saliva tests - Progesterone levels, creams, pills etc. I have been studing this for a couple years now. My issue is with the 25$ co-pays - yearly in office checkups and price af shipping from the compund pharmacy. Also, if I cannot see the doc - the prescriptions will not fill.

Is the Pro Gest the same ingredients? I have the ingredients from my script:

Progesterone USP (Microniz 1.000GM
Krisgel 100 0.750GM
FIltered Water 16.350GM
Alcohol, Anhydrous 190 Proc 0.75ML
Glycerin 0.750GM
Natapres 0.400ML

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Sep 03, 2012
Robyn H
by: Wray

Hi Robyn I'm delighted the progesterone has helped you. Yes it is possible to go it alone, most women do. It prevents the delays as you've experienced. No one progesterone cream has the same ingredients, they are all different. The main thing to look for is it a thick cream, as the progesterone is not carried well into the skin. Does it contain toxins. And how cost effective is it, i.e. how much are you paying for the progesterone, not the container. Many appear cheap but you are buying an active ingredient, not a cream. I tried looking up Krisgel and Natapres on the web, and it's not there. I also tried a site called Skin Deep, that I use to check for dangerous ingredients and neither are there, very strange! We do have more info on How to use progesterone cream if interested. Take care Wray

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