Repeated miscarriage and weight gain

by Marci

My whole life I have been thin and even after I had 9 kids, but at age 42 I had 3 miscarriages in one year and started putting on weight. I got pregnant again that year and had a baby 9 months later at age 43. I thought this pregnancy would put me back on track weight-wise. It did not. I have tried many different exercises and ways of eating but it will not come off. At age 47 I had another miscarriage and instantly put on more weight. I am fearful I will keep putting on weight with no way of taking it off and I"m pretty busy with homeschooling 8 kids right now. I am currently 48. I eat about 1600 calories a day and exercise at least 4 times a week. My doctor gave me generic Prometrium last February and I have been using it vaginally from day 13 to day 28. It has done nothing. it's one pill i insert every night. Any advice would be appreciated. (I am also taking anywhere from 25-50mg of pregnenolone since Aug.)

I also have been fighting severe muscle wasting that I notice in my face mostly. My eyelids every morning are droopy and as I exercise they will start working again and by the end of the day they are fully raised. Other facial muscles are also affected. I excursive them 4 time a week and it does help but still frustrating. No doctor/chiropractor can tell me why. Can this be progesterone related. It started when I had all those miscarriages.

Thanks for your help


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Nov 23, 2014
another question to add
by: marci

For 9 days I have been taking 400mg of progesterone and I'm happy that I can tell my bloating/water weight is down. My temps have risen to sometimes in the 98s.

But my facial muscle issues are worse. My muscle weakness seems to be related to allergies and now my eyelids have exzema, itches and very droopy all day. Could this be related to estrogen dominance and I need even more progesterone for a while.

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