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I have been suffering with ed for two years on and off.
Iam a 75 year old male and my wife and I always enjoyed a great
love experience and still do. This ed problem is very annoying
and I have tried all kinds of supplements and nothing works.
The problem is I don't know what causes the ed. I take blood pressure
meds enalapril 10mg 1tab 2x a day, amlodipine 2.5mg,1x a day , also
ropinirole 2mg 1x a day for thls. I have had heart scans, vane scans,
blood test, but everything seems okay. I'am going to have my progesterone checked soon. do you think the progesterone cream would help if I were to start on treatment and how much.
Thanks Renn At diemaker

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Apr 11, 2016
renn at diemaker
by: Wray

Hi Renn You are on a cocktail of drugs! From what I can gather none of them would cause the ED. The first drug is an ACE inhibitor, the second is a calcium channel blocker, but the third is for Parkinson's! Or do you have the beginnings of this? If you have to take an ACE inhibitor I suggest you have your vitamin D levels checked, this is often low in such cases, see …..
Calcium channel blockers prevent contractions of muscles, by decreasing intracellular calcium, which leads to relaxed muscles, which would lead to lowered blood pressure. Progesterone also blocks calcium channels. Oestrogen stimulates glutamate, our most excitatory neurotransmitter, see
Excess glutamate increases levels of calcium, an excitatory mineral. Progesterone also protects against calcium induced excitotoxicity, see….
Maybe your magnesium is too low, please check this too, see………nt=art1&utm_campaign=20131208Z2&et_cid=DM35038&et_rid=359618993
Magnesium also blocks calcium. It's low in most people, in fact it goes hand in hand with vitamin D, the two work synergistically. So yes I feel progesterone is something you could try, plus check your vitamin D and magnesium and if too low start taking them. I suggest you start on 100mg/day progesterone. I never find starting on low amounts, i.e. 10mg/day for men does much good. I would like to suggest you try our cream which I know works, see…..
But we have a major stock out at the moment, so if you are wanting to start immediately I suggest you look for a cream with natural ingredients. Take care Wray

Apr 28, 2016
Plaque build up
by: rennat diemakerAnonymous

Dear Wray
Thanks for your quick reply.
I'am on vit D3 2000 Iu and Ionic Magnesium, plus
vit K. I just had a check of my arteries and they
found some build up of plaque. I'am having Blood tests done to see if my progesterone levels are out of balance. My question is when I start my progesterone program, what happens to the plaque build up.
Thanks renn at diemaker

Apr 29, 2016
Plaque build up
by: Wray

Hi Renn Your vitamin D dose is far too low! You need at least 5000iu, better still 10,000iu. Please see our page on vitamin D…..
If you have build up of plaque you are eating too many carbs. Please consider going on a ketogenic diet. The keto diet reduces glucose levels to the barest minimum, and the body uses ketones for energy. It's a very high fat, moderate to low protein and very low carb diet. Only the good fats should be used, i.e. MCT oil, coconut oil, butter, cocoa butter, olive oil or macadamia oil. The first four are saturated fats, the other two mono-unsaturated fats. The best is the MCT oil, an extract from coconut oil. The body converts the fatty acid into ketones, in fact the brain does better on these than glucose. MCT oil forms ketones more efficiently than the other oils. The following are excellent videos…….

Jeff Volek The Many Facets of Keto-Adaptation….
Dr. Stephen Phinney - 'The Art and Science of Low Carb Living and Performance
Prof D'Agostino….
Interview with Dr Mercola and Prof D'Agostino…….
Mark Maunder…..

You shouldn't have a problem with plaque build up, progesterone does prevent blood clotting to a small extent, as does vitamin D, see……

I suggest they also check your oestrogen levels too, this can affect blood adversely, see……

Take care Wray

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