Re starting progestrone again at 16 weeks pregnant

by Ali

I had A salvia test done and results showed very low progestrone so the doctor gave me 200 mg trouche and said to play with the dose as you may feel very lethargic if you take too much and get facial hair if you take too little,
when i was tweaking it I would bleed and i never knew where i was , so before I knew it ,I was pregnant which is great,,,the doctor said do not take the progesrtone troche, another doctor said you can take the trouche until 12 weeks so as I was feeling sooo sick all the time and my eyebrows disappeared again I decided to take 50 mg trouche everyday and things improved, apart from blonde facial hair a mouth ulcer and sometimes acne, I stopped the trouche at 12 weeks and by 14 weeks had a heavy bleed just like A period ,,,it stopped after 24 hours and hospital said baby is fine,,,the last 2 weeks I have had little brown blood every day with migraine type headache and just wondered can I go back to taking my trouche but this time ,,just keep taking it until birth,, my normal gp only goes by blood tests which have always come back normal so she's wont comment and the salvia doc is unsure,,but I can't sleep because of the headaches which I know is hormone related and the odour under my arms I guess is the hormones reajusting,,,one doctor said we really shouldn't interfere in pregnacy in the first place ,,so I'm all a bit stuck,
,I'm tempted to re take it again, but just need some one to tell me it's okay to do so,,or not to take it and put up with the headaches and spotting as it may settle..

Many thanks.

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