re: Severe Adverse Reactions to Progesterone

by Diane

Appendum to earlier entry about 6 hours ago: Objectively, friends comment around episodes that I appear glassy eyed, unfocused, out of it, and drawn. There is an inability to make decisions. I am frightened repeatedly with the strangeness of the nature of these attacks. My brain is zapped, or fried on a repeated basis and I go down for the count. Respiratory and cardiovascular functions are affected. Xanax will calm this down, but does not affect the course or occurrence of these attacks. I will not heal well during these episodes so that sinus infections may lodge deeper into lungs. Kind of like I am in a frozen state. And, there is profound weakness with loss of strength, as well. Others may be somehow magnetically driven away as opposed to when I am well and very engaged. Thank you for your consideration.

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