I was wondering if you could help me with my ratio. I had labs this week and am wondering how I am doing taking 100-200mg of progesterone cream daily.

Progesterone 2.1 ng/ml

estradol 71.9 pg/ml

My doctor prescribes me 100mg daily on days 12-26.

My Vit D is 109, so thank you for encouraging me in that area.

Also my Vit B12 was very low and I am getting injections for that.

Thank you,

PS My cortisol is very high, any suggestions on how to get it lowered? Also my free testosterone was 6.25 which looks high to me.

Thanks again.

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Apr 24, 2013
D3 may be to high
by: Anonymous

Just reading your information and it seems to me that your D3 is a bit high, from what I have been told, D3 should be in the range of 50-80 and B12 should be around 700-900. D3 can be very toxic so I would speak to your prescribing doctor about how much you should be taking.

Apr 24, 2013
by: Wray

Hi Mary Your ratio of P:E2 is 29:1, very low. You might like to see our Saliva Tests page. You'll notice the ratios were all over 600:1. I would suggest you use the 200mg/day to get your ratio up. Do you have a 26 day cycle, and ovulate on day 12? As the anon says, your vitamin D could be a bit high. Do you know what it was measured in, i.e. ng/ml or nmol/L? If the latter then it's too low. The specialists are saying it should be a minimum of 125nmol/L, but better if it's between 175-250nmol/L. High cortisol can be lowered by zinc, which could mean your zinc is too low, see here and here. This would actually fit with high oestrogen, low progesterone, as oestrogen suppresses zinc, increases copper. Copper also suppresses zinc. Take care Wray

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