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by Kim

I recently had bloodwork done, not checking for hormones in particular, just my regular bloodwork from my doctor who is an MD but qualified as a holistic healthcare practitioner. I only see Estrogen, Total, Serum and Progesterone. Am I able to figure out my ratio from this? My total estrogen fell high and my progesterone was within the normal range (been using roughly 70mg of cream) for roughly 6 months. My mood swings have been awful lately, the biggest being lashing out at my kids which I hate and am usually a very patient person. My doctor is putting me on Vitex, any thoughts on that? I haven't received it yet but will I need to stop the cream in order to use this? I should have told him I was on it but forgot at the time because it's not a vitamin I take orally. Thank you for any hep in advance!

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Mar 11, 2022
Ratio Question
by: Joy

​Hi Kim

If you had posted your test results I would have worked out your ratio. The Hormone Testing page will explain exactly how to do this and what all hormone​​ levels should be.

If you read this website you will see that nothing less than 100mg per day is needed using a 3.33% cream such as Natpro. Roughly 70mg is merely going to aggravate estrogen receptors and you do not want that! Usually between 100-200mg is needed and is dependent upon symptoms. Please read the How to use Progesterone Cream and Estrogen Dominance pages.

Anger/mood swings could be due to a number of reasons. High testosterone levels, Insulin Resistance, high copper, excess vitamin A. Many people take cod liver oil, it is loaded in vitamin A and should be avoided. Many take it for vitamin D3. The page on Aggression Aggression may help you. Vitex is estrogenic and again affects estrogen levels.

If your vitamin D3 level is low, it can also cause aggression but it also reduces the benefits of progesterone.

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