Ratio help in the UK

by Iona McCulloch

Finally got bloods done. These are my results:

Oestradiol 0.41nmol/per unit which am told equated to 410?

Progesterone 0.9nmol/per unit

Testosterone 1.0nmol/per unit

These were done on approx day 12/13 after the first day of my period and then I disn'5 get another period until 28 days after the previous one started but just 24 days after it finished.

My hormone lady said that oestradiol was not too high but that progesterone was too low in comparison to it in the literal phase? The previous cycle was just two weeks, the two before it just 20 and 21 days respectively, my cycle is getting very erratic. She prescribed progesterone cream. Can anyone help me work out the ratio and how it looks in terms of my cycle? Have many symptoms of low progesterone/high oestrogen but she has only prescribed 10mg of bio progesterone at night but it needs to be done every 12 hours does it not??????

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Oct 24, 2016
Ratio guide
by: Kokachin

Hello! This site offers guide for calculating the progesterone and estradiol ratio.

If you're clearly estrogen dominant then you should try out being on at least 200mg bio identical progesterone daily.

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