Rapid weight gain.

by Claire

Hi Wray
I have had a bit of a roller coaster

I am in early menopause caused by adrenal burnout. I piled on weight about 4 years ago before I was diagnosed to 94kg but managed to lose it and keep it off and went to 72kg and was very lean and fit

I was getting terrible spotting and horrific insomnia and was put on prometrium by my naturopath in Nov 17.

I was on 200mg for 2 weeks but the spotting and insomnia continued and I got some awful headaches and migraines. My naturopath recommended 300mg and recommended I did the cyclical therapy which I started last month so I only had a weeks break. (

I got bloated and retained water super fast, I gained 3 kg. I had a big bleed when I stopped taking it and I got sore breasts.

I restarted on it after my 2 week break and just as I started taking it again I started spotting so went back to 300mg as 200mg isn’t doing the job as I’m still spotting. I’m bloated, have some spots which I never get, still struggling with sleep despite taking melatonin and amitryptiline.

But I’m gaining a kg a day, I’m up to 80kg - I could cry!!! I am eating no oestrogenic foods, eating 1500kcal a day, doing an hours exercise a day, keeping stress low, use only clean products on my skin and in my house and supplement with adrenal and liver support supplements.

It feels like huge water retention.

I am prepared to ride this out but am TERRIFIED I won’t lose the weight.

Do I increase or keep where I am? How long do I continue?

I previously tried transdermal cream but it didn’t work for me.

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Jun 14, 2018
Rapid weight gain
by: Joy

Hi Claire

Your adverse symptoms are caused by not using enough progesterone. Prometrium is a natural progesterone, but as it's oral it's the least effective as 96% is destroyed by the gut a liver. This will cause weight gain/water retention etc, and add to your Estrogen Dominance symptoms. Please consider trying a cream again, between 100mg-200mg is needed, more if symptoms are severe. It can take between 2-6 months before positive signs are felt. Painful breasts can also be caused by a lack of iodine.

The cream should only be used from ovulation (Luteal Phase) for the last 14 days of the cycle. It is always, in all women, 12-14 days long. Progesterone is used during this luteal phase.
Please read the How to use Progesterone cream page.

Vitamin D3 is also very important as a deficiency reduces the benefits of progesterone. Optimal range is between 70-100ng/mL and nothing less than 5,000iu's of vitmain D3 is needed. Co-factors are also needed when taking D3, magnesium and vitamin K2 with no soy.

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