questions relating to the GABA inducing qualities of progesterone and gene expression

by Jim
(melb aus)

Hi, I am pleased to discover this website.. I will give a brief outline of what I feel the problems are then get to progesterone...

I am 35 yo male from Australia, have had numerous health issues which I believe was initiated by the drug Accutane (an acne drug that was a chemo drug with super high retionic acid-Vit A) which I took when I was a teenager but from 24yo onwards had the LT side effects, most notably anxiety, depression and memory loss (hippocampal . acetylcholine damage most likely). I have concluded upon research that LT sufferers from Accutane are that way because retinoic acid has been shown to alter gene expression, apparently its effect on the keratin gene is why it has an effect on the acne symptoms, but it also alters many other important genes, including the dopamine receptors, serotonin and sex hormones etc.)... now getting to progesterone...

After trying many natural things for anxiety (generally GABA-ergic compounds), I found recently that transdermal progesterone seemed to have a very stablizing effect, obviously not just due to GABA but for other reasons listed on this site, and seemed to be quite effective in lowering anxiety. The only issue I had with it was that it made me drowsy most of the time, so I mainly took it at night, and while I slept soundly, I felt groggy and hungover the next day. And this was generally only on a 20mg dose or sometimes less. (The oil I had was from Ray peat's forum, a member called "haidut" is a biochemist who makes these "Peat Potions", one of them being "Progestene", allegedly pure progesterone with DMSO as a carrier/absorber and ethanol. The website is Idea Labs. One drop equals about 1mg of Prog. so 20 drops is about 20mg.) I am very sensitive to chemicals and generally need far less than the average person. But more than 20mg I was a total zombie.

So, like with a lot of things I have that problem of seeing some really good encouraging effects, but mixed in with some undesirable symptoms which don't really make life better.

My questions are:
-Do you think this particular oil is the reason why I had the excessive tiredness.. and would Natpro possibly be a better route?

-I noticed on this site that progesterone can moderate the gene that is responsible for (healthy) cell death if it has been mutated or damaged (which Ro-Accuane possibly did for me)... so maybe the excess tiredness from progesterone is more due to this factor than the GABA qualities?

-Do you have any advice in general for someone with (possible/undiagnosed) gene alterations due to the excess retionoic acid, progesterone or otherwise?

Thanks, its extremely hard to get clarity on this because, if gene expression is the issue, then it means that our bodies just don't respond the same to chemicals as other people, in that what in theory should happen... just doesn't happen LOL!.. or at least not in the same way, or at the same dose etc.

Its very hit and miss, but over the years of much experimentation I have narrowed it down to the things which have a genuine promise and progesterone is one, and possibly pregnenelone and DHEA are others. Velvet bean for dopamine has worked wonders too but at small doses, but lifted mood and many other benefits.

..My body responds very weirdly to Vit D too.. in natural Testosterone boostere they often put in VIT D but it seems to make my brain go too fast, my eyes feel intense and I get massive detox symptoms.. so it seems thats one example of something everyone says is beneficial coming out in a twisted way for me...

A lot of questions, but if anyone can share an enlightened perspective I would be very grateful :)

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Sep 25, 2016
Questions relating to the GABA inducing qualities of progesterone and gene expression
by: Joy

Hi Jim

Oh yes I know all about Accutane and the dangers of it. My son was on the generic version when he did a gap year in Australia funnily enough. Of course it causes all the side effects that you listed not to mention liver damage which is why one’s liver needs to be tested monthly while taking it. I was so relieved when he decided to stop taking it, mainly because it really didn’t help as he expected it too and slight depression was creeping in. Of course high testosterone levels cause excess acne so too does sugar! His skin cleared pretty quickly once he reduced his sugar intake. It’s not a drug that I would recommend at all.

Ray Peat’s progesterone oil, whilst good, is simply not strong enough. Which would explain your sleepiness when not enough progesterone is being used. You suffered the classic estrogen dominance symptoms when not enough progesterone when not enough is used. It has nothing to do with GABA.

There are very few who react to vitamin D3, I take it that you are referring to D3 and not D2 which should never to be taken. Nothing less than 5 000iu’s of D3 should be taken every day, more if deficient. A deficiency also reduces the benefits of progesterone it also lowers testosterone levels. Upon investigation it was clear that the co-factors for D3 were not being used or taken, magnesium being considered one of the most important one, but the others are too. Transdermal and oral are needed, are you taking and using magnesium?

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