Questions.... Need help!!

by Ruby
(Houston, TX)


I'm 40 years old and believe I've been in perimenopause for several years. I've just recently become aware of progesterone cream thanks to my very kind and open minded doctor. Unfortunately, he's only had me on 20mg twice a day (40mg total) for three months. I thought I was losing my mind! The anxiety, heart palpitations, extreme fatigue, etc. were becoming too much for me.

Luckily, I came upon your website while researching progesterone cream. Ironically, I thought the cream might be causing all of my horrible symptoms. I now see that it was the estrogen dominance causing all of my problems. Reading through the questions and comments has given me hope!

My question is this: I've been using about 150mg per day, divided into two doses, for about four days now. I feel great for a few hours.... my heart palpitations and anxiety ease up a great deal, which are my two biggest complaints. But I've noticed that the symptoms begin to return after lunch or early afternoon. Should I take more throughout the day? Or should I just increase the dosage in the morning and at night?

Just FYI... my period was due to start in two days, but I've started spotting as of this morning. I've decided to continue the cream through this cycle and the next. My symptoms are just making me miserable and I want to see them subside more than I want a normal cycle!

Thanks for taking the time to read this! You're an angel for all you do to help those of us in misery!

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