question Donald Stein

I just wanted to here your quick thoughts on Donald Stein and him/team not finding any benefits to progesterone/TBI - after all that promise and hope. Have you posted this anywhere on the site because I cannot find any info.

I do have a story/question but this news deflated me after all the research I've been doing.

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Thank you
kind regards

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Mar 21, 2018
Donald Stein
by: Anonymous

I have no idea who this man is nor do I care. Progesterone is absolutely one of the most wonderful things to have come into my life. Taking "advice" from a man and his "team" is hardly advisable.

Wray Whyte, on the other hand, devoted 20 years of her life, actually all of her life. Her personal experience, as a woman, is proof of her findings. She helped hundreds of women. There are over 7,000 pages of information on this site. I doubt Mr. Stein ever did that.

If you wish to allow fear from some article to affect your life, that is your choice. Read the positive inspiring accounts by hundreds of women who have benefited from increased use of this miraculous hormone. I am one of them, proudly! I take around 300mg of natural progesterone cream daily, more when needed!

Listen to your heart not your head, especially if it is overcome with fear from unnecessary sources!

Mar 22, 2018
Donald Stein
by: Joy

Hi Josee

Progesterone has been used successfully to help treat TBI. It does need to be applied in the first few hours to days after the injury. Please see this video where Dr Kellerman of Emory University explains.

These pages may help you.


TBI references -

Emory University -

Mar 26, 2018
Progesterone saved me from driving my husband away, not to mention looking at my health.
by: Nancy

This product has given me control over my emotions, weight, thinking ability and relationships. My hot flashes raged, sweating ruled day and night and I found no help from multiple physicians who said premarin was the only treatment available.

Two years it took me to get to this product and my life is mine again. I tell every woman I meet about this if I see them red faced and fanning themselves in fridged air. They are all grateful, and I have the pleasure of defeating this silent destroyer of life quality. To heck with another man who makes money from big pharmaceuticals. I hope the women in his life pay no attention to him.

Get on the road to self determined health. It begins here.
Happy travels.

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