question concerning what tests do I need before starting progesterone

by kat

I am trying to improve my health and possibly progesterone is the missing link to my chronic health problems. Had a hysterectomy at 37 due to endometriosis (attached to colon, intestines, had emergency surgery and resection and partial removal of intestines, needless to say I was in severe pain and bleeding since 16! and saw countless doctors and was never diagnosed until I ended up in the emergency room at 34 yrs. old for emergency appendectomy & colon surgery due to endometriosis, it grew around my appendix as well!) I have been on hormone patches, tried bio-identical, pellets, nothing seems to give me relief. I quit taking patches for a while, now I am back on it and I know my hormones are not balanced. I also have fibromyalgia, hair falling out, dry eyes, sensitive to chemicals, migraines, no energy, panic attacks, tachycardia, mvp, the list goes on. Last year I experienced neuropathy and my entire body went weak, eight months in the bed and in a wheelchair, specialists do not know what caused this..checked for lyme disease, all autoimmune diseases, I feel I had a reaction to an facial injection and had a major reaction which attacked my nervous system, muscles, caused shingles, etc. I can walk better know but still have neuropathy in leg, ankles, feet. Neurologist feels I have a pinched nerve in neck which caused all the problems, but other drs. said it could not cause all the nerve issues I experienced. Fast forward, do I need to be tested, and what type of tests, and where can I get the tests? At one time my testosterone was very low, and all levels were low and then I tried the pellets, but after 3rd injection I felt just as bad and stopped taking them. I am 49 now and do not see the light at the end of the tunnel, I feel like I am 75 yrs old. No energy, on BP medicine, very sensitive to medications and cannot take pain meds., meds for fibromyalgia, so I am stiff, sore, joints hurt, etc. can you advise, give me a protocol to start with and advice on what I should do? I also have IC, IBS, but stopped the medication since my body cannot tolerate all the meds. and worried about long term effects it is doing to my body. I feel I need to lower the inflammation in my body, I have been on steroids off and on for 3 years due to inflammation in chest wall and my face looks like I have a chemical burn at times, it comes and goes. Thank you so much.

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Jul 02, 2015
Question concerning what tests do I need before starting progesterone
by: Joy

Hi Kat

Goodness me, what a torrid time you have had and are continuing to have. Let's start with Endometriosis which is caused by oxidative stress and needs to be dealt with. Please consider taking these nutrients which will help with the inflammation.

Natpro Progesterone Cream - 200mg per day, more maybe needed * N-Acetyl-Cysteine (NAC) - 2000mg per day * Taurine - 2000mg per day * Vitamin D - 5000iu's per day, more if vitamin D level is low. Co-factors are needed when taking vitamin D, magnesium being the most important.

ALL your adverse symptoms points to Estrogen Dominance and a Vitamin D deficiency. As you have been on HRT your estrogen level will be high which is having an affect on your health. All drug based HRT's have a potential to cause harm. Progesterone is excellent for neuropathy, see here and here. Fermented foods are excellent for IBS, you could try those if you have not done so already.

Please read the Hormone Testing page it will explain what levels should be and where you can have them tested. I suggest that you have your progesterone, estrogen and vitamin D levels tested. There is no need to wait for tests results, I suggest you start ASAP.

Progesterone, vitamin D, magnesium and the nutrients mentioned for inflammation will help you, there is no need for you to suffer as you have been. So often drugs make the situation worse.

Hope this helps you.

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