Question about Yam Cream

by Karen

Dear Wray, I was using your cream for about 3 or more months and really liked it. Then I went to a gynecologist who said he deals with women's health.

He did progesterone/estrogen blood work and determined I needed 1/4 tsp of 75 mg/gm natural progeterone cream from a compounded pharmacy. So I switched from your cream to this compounded cream. I have not been feeling as good on it and called the pharmacy to find out what the progesterone is derived from. They said it is a powder chemical progesterone derived from a yam. They said it is not a progestin.

Can you tell me what the progesterone in your cream is derived from and your thoughts about progesterone derived from yam?

Also, I would like to go back to using your cream because quite frankly I just feel better on it and am disappointed I made the switch. But I trusted this doctor knew better than I. Can you tell me how I would make that conversion and if I can just switch or if I need to make a gradual transition. Thanks so much for all your help.

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Mar 11, 2011
by: Karen

I forgot to say that I was originally using 1/4 tsp of the 100 mg/gm compounded cream at night and 1/4 tsp 75 mg/gm in the morning. My period was very light for the first time (mine have always been very heavy). I switched to 1/4 tsp 75 mg/gm in the morning and at night and got my period a day or two later out of sync. I thought maybe my body did not like that I switched doses even though it wasnt that much of a change. So I just started back on 75 mg/g:100mg/gm regimen to see if it regulates again. So can you tell me how to make a switch to about 75 mg natpro in the morning and 100 mg natpro at night?

Also I was feeling a little flat and that is why I went down in the cream. I didnt know if too much progesterone cream could make you feel a little flat. But I have also been having trouble with sleep and was put on 2.5 mg Zyprexa which maybe could have that side effect as well. The key is not to make too many changes at once. Thanks for rescuing me once again. I wish you saw patients in an office. You are so knowledgable and helpful. Be blessed! Karen

Mar 21, 2011
Question about Yam Cream
by: Wray

Hi Karen Well I'm happy the Natpro helped you! I've answered your two queries in one. It is a pity you changed, but it could be nothing more than absorption. As you know I recommend 100-200mg/day progesterone. The 1/4tsp of 75mg/g cream is giving you about 94mg/day of progesterone. The 1/4tsp of the 100mg/g of cream is giving you about 125mg/day progesterone. So the amount you were getting from the compound cream was almost the same as you were getting from the Natpro, if you used between 100-200mg/day of this. I can only assume the compound cream wasn't being as well absorbed. We do know ours is as we run Saliva Tests on it. If you want to change back again, you would need to use 2.2ml Natpro, which is just under 1/2tsp for 75mg progesterone. And for 100mg progesterone you would need 3ml of cream, or just over 1/2tsp of cream. If you're having trouble sleeping, please see the page we have on Anxiety, it gives a list of nutrients which help with sleep. Thanks for the kind words and blessings to you too! Take care Wray

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