Question about Wray & progesterone cream.....

by anonymous

I just recently found this website so I didn't know much about Wray. She sounded like a wonderful woman.

Can someone share what type of cancer she had?

I would hope it wasn't any type of cancer related to the use progesterone cream...?

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Jun 02, 2017
I hope this helps to clarify
by: Justine

Good day

Wray's cancer was not hormonally related, she had cancer of the jaw/neck and abdomen.

Others expressed a similar concern to yours, you can visit this forum thread if you wish:

This was my response on the forum thread:

Dear All...
by: Justine

I am Justine, Wray's daughter.

I am saddened by what I read here. I understand those who have concerns and I understand the defensiveness of those wanting to defend the legacy of what Wray is to us and has given us. The slant of this conversation has become ugly and unloving and this is never how my mother would speak to anyone. So lets change this.

Having gone through her own journey of suicidal depression and having found progesterone which turned her life around, she understands people's concerns and questions and would have responded from a place of compassion and understanding because of her own struggles with being alive as a human on this dear planet. Her struggle with depression is what set her on this journey and she never expected it to turn into this incredible legacy of information that it has, she came from a selfless perspective, offering knowledge, understanding and genuine care, that is all. As a result of her many years dedicated to this topic she developed a cream based on her research and principles, but the selling of the product itself was never the goal, helping people was.

I would like to get to the crux of where these threads of conversation started with the message from Anonymous/D.C. So lets address it. My mother had cancer of the neck and abdomen. It is my belief that the cause of her cancer has its roots in certain life choices that she stuck to out of loyalty which caused her deep emotional stress, as well as anger at how this planet and its people are being treated, and this was what her body and mind finally succumbed to. She was extremely healthy and conscious of what she put into her body on a physical level. She did not overdose on supplements, but did take vitamin and mineral supplements and used progesterone. The fact that she lived 6 times longer than the doctors expected I am sure is due to this lifestyle she maintained and the use of progesterone.

The fact that she did not openly discuss her own health issues with people is because she was there helping us, she did not want to put her own distresses onto others, she wanted to handle it on her own without making her problems others, as a person she did not share much of her own problems, ever, she would always deal with things herself and try to find answers on her own, hence Her new struggle with cancer was leading her to do further research into cancer cures and she was prepared to guinea pig on herself, again in the hopes that this cutting edge research would become a new avenue of hope to others. Sadly it was not meant to be as it takes time to discover and research and by then it was already too late… but how much more can one soul give this world! is not a business it is a work of love. I hope it continues to shine its light for thousands more who are lost and scared.

In respect and love,


Jun 02, 2017
by: Anonymous

Thank you Justine for your generous and honest response to people about your beloved mother - especially those who have not been the most kind and appreciative of her efforts. Those who have reacted this way have issues within themselves unresolved. Their responses are not so much against others as much as they are against themselves. Lashing out is frustration. They have not yet fully realized that this site was developed by your mother: To Help.

Like many women who come to this unique gift of a site your beautiful mother created for us all, they are seeking answers to their problems. Something led them here. Hormonal issues are a part of a larger picture, I believe Justine, but the enormous help supplied by progesterone is a hugely important contribution along that path, without a doubt.

Ones attitude towards their issues, on a deeper level, must also be addressed. In other words, how does a woman view herself and the various emotional/physical issues she faces? Is it fear that dominates? Herein lies the problem. Unless one learns how to "go within oneself", how to become "self aware" , how to "let go of the struggle" for answers, our bodies will not have the ability to "tell" us what we need. Our bodies have the ability to heal - until our physical time on this earth is destined to pass on.

Fear dominates in so many situations. I have read many times on this site women frightened, desperate to find answers, which is understandable. I myself had enormous fears and anxiety. We believe there is a "magic bullet" out there and once we find it, all will be well. Yes, there may be many magic bullets, but unless we approach those concerns with greater peace, even in, especially in, the state of anxiety, we hit walls.

When I realized that when one steps back a bit, takes a deep breath and allows answers to come to us, you are guided. That is how I found this site. I am sorry if I sound too philosophical for some, but it is important, I believe, for women to find modalities such as the daily practice of Meditation, to help them help themselves - from a state of calm, a state of inner knowing. That practice for me has been life changing. It doesn't mean you float around oblivious to what is happening. It means you observe with detached awareness. Your mind becomes sharper. Progesterone and all the marvelous supplements will have an even better affect.

Yes, Justine, there is so much in this world today that is worrying, even terrifying, and no doubt Wray's sensitivity as a human being made her that much more aware and wanting to turn it all around and make it better. But one can only do so much. Her spirit's energy - which does not die - is still here and making a difference. Often it is people like Wray, who give their all to everyone else, who care deeply about helping others, that suffer the most. What I am trying to say is that her uniqueness has been made all the more profound by her now spiritual presence, because I believe Wray is here as she was before, watching over and making a difference in people's lives.

Jun 02, 2017
by: Anonymous

for that. She sounded awesome.

Jun 04, 2017
by: Justine

Thank you for your words love, I enjoy your wisdom and life philosophy.

Jun 05, 2017
by: Anonymous

May the Heavens will bless you always Justine. Your mother is with you..

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