Question about starting progesterone and irregular bleeding

by Lisa D.
(Philadelphia, PA, USA)

I have a question. I am 46 years old. I missed two periods and then when it did come I got it slightly heavier and it lasted about 14 days. My doctor said he thinks it may be because I missed two months and there was extra tissue to come out. He said if it happens again the next time I get my period, they will have to do a biopsy of the endometrias. This was only a little over a week ago. So, I started taking progesterone (after reading your sight this week I am ordering it here, but I originally bought the one that my health food store sells, which is emerita. I did use it before, but had stopped). Anyway, my question is, if I begin progesterone therapy, and my periods regulate, could I still have endometrial cancer and the symptoms would be masked due to the progesterone cream? Meaning, should I get the biopsy anyway, even if the bleeding returns to normal. I wouldn't want to think I was fine, but then have an underlying problem that just isn't showing symptoms.

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Jan 19, 2015
Question about starting progesterone and irregular bleeding
by: Wray

Hi Lisa I find it very difficult to understand why any doctor would scare a woman into believing she has or might have endometrial cancer! It's perfectly normal to miss periods in Peri-menopause. It's also normal to have heavy and/or continual bleeding. There's more info on our page about Menstruation. Some women bleed for days on end, with clots the size of lemons. The clots are old blood or excess tissue from the lining. None of which indicates cancer. During P-M we can go for 3 months or more without bleeding, or it comes every two weeks, there's no way of telling. Sometimes spotting occurs, sometimes there's flooding. No amount of progesterone will regulate your periods now you are in P-M. If you need reassuring then by all means have a biopsy done. You might like to read our pages on How to use Progesterone Cream, Menopause and Oestrogen Dominance. Take care Wray

Jan 20, 2015
Question about starting progesterone and irregular bleeding
by: RJ

Hi Lisa!
Type in my name and read my story. As Wray can attest it's deja vu for me. Hang in there and welcome to PERIMENOPAUSE!!! It's normal to be unsure, scared, angry and so very confused. Keep reading Wray's site, it will help with all those emotions and answer so, so, so many questions. God Bless! RJ

Jan 21, 2015
by: Lisa D.

Thank you Wray and RJ for your responses. It does give me some comfort. RJ I will read your story as I find this sight to be so helpful! Thanks again and God Bless both of you!!! Lisa

Jan 21, 2015
Thanks RJ
by: Anonymous

RJ, I just read your story and it was amazing. So many things to research and the wealth of knowledge is amazing!!! I've already written down the dosage of Vitamin D I should begin taking and there is so much to read about it will take me forever! But I am beginning and thank you so much for sharing it. I have three daughters and my Mom also lives with us. I chuckled at the similarities. Thanks again, God bless, Lisa

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