Question about estradiol

by mm

I am a bit confused....Is Estradiol bio-identical? I have a prescription for Estradiol and I asked the pharmacy what brand is it and he said it is made by Teva. I can't find info about Teva estradiol. I originally asked for Estrace but my insurance doesn't cover Estrace. I only want to take the bioidentical form of it.


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Mar 07, 2018
by: Rachel

I believe it is synthetic. It’s difficult to know really. I also googled it. It is a patented drug, so almost definitely not natural. But don’t quote me, as i’m not certain.

Mar 08, 2018
Question about estradiol
by: Joy


As far as I can tell, Teva Estradiol is synthetic, a drug. I don't believe that any woman needs to take extra estrogen as it makes estrogen dominance symptoms worse. This website encourages the use of progesterone and not estrogen.

Please read these pages:

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Mar 09, 2018
questions about estradiol
by: Anonymous

It can be bio identical but I would not advise women to take extra estrogens. You will see on this site that adding estrogens when there are so many mimics in the enviornment, in foods and products, etc., it can lead to more estrogen dominance, which is the last thing you want.

I wish Wray Whyte were still here. Sadly she passed away over a year ago and ever since there aren't the answers to questions like she did. But the information she left us is huge.

Please put your questions into the search bar. Don't rely solely upon someone coming up with answers for you. The research, over 7,000 pages of it, is here on this website. Use the search bar!

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